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Performed by System of a Down

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about this piece of work | Reviewer: soad's biggest fan | 2/16/13

i love this song, and if it was not for this song, i would have a low life hooked on vido games. i now have a wife and 2 beautiful children... please listen to this song as deeply as i did and good day to all

Awesome Song. | Reviewer: Bharath | 12/26/12

I think the song is about the new life we see. The Kid is us who feels he is an alien for obvious reasons. The society makes all of us feel that way, so we need to think beyond it, outside of it for us to feel us again, for us to feel like us again to realize what being a human is. Just look at the way the guitarist shows his emotions, m sure thats not for some alien. This song is about us. money, fame make us rich but alien to others who we cannot be around with.

Agree with Marie | Reviewer: Andrew | 8/12/12

Great tune.....I happen to be Catholic, but I listen to alot of different genre's of music.....if someone wants to worship the devil (or satin, as some genius already pointed out, bedsheets???), have at it, leave me alone. Everyone has their own thing, so own it and enjoy the music. GET'EM Marie 7/27/10...

my opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/12

I think above all this song concerns religion, redemption and the selfish human nature. System as armenians are actually pretty religious in their own way and as people know in the album version of this song the track ends with the traditional Armenian Church hymn "Der Voghormya" ("Lord Have Mercy") which is played by the band and Arto Tunçboyacıyan.

I dont get it........ | Reviewer: ale phantom | 6/16/12

Hey, guys, i really dont get the meaning of this great song. Some say is spiritual, others say is nothing about religious... i am confused. Please help me. Oh, for that one who said that God is for losers, i think the loser here is you!
Please, go and see Danny Phantom in youtube, help us(dannys fans) to take him back to tv,

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/11

no one cares what u have to say the meaning of the song is it can be interpreted in many different ways how about u people with 3 paragraph long sentences stop and just leave a small complement jebsus, "great song awsome band" theres mine xD

I LOVE this Freakin Song | Reviewer: jelizaRose | 9/21/11

You guys KNOW NOTHING, just shut up and enjoy the music,,, if you dont know the meaning of the song than google aerials, then you might get the clue, if its still unbelievable to you than shut the music off because it isnt for your ears!!! System of a Down are off the hooks, their songs are about real things that man walking on this earth dont know about! believe the unknown or face it!!!

Real song meaning. | Reviewer: Jess | 7/21/11

You all have it wrong, it's about aliens!!! Didn't you all see the video clip??? Ha ha ha, guys who cares how you all interpret the song, if it means something to you and that's how you interpret it then that's great. Just enjoy it, it's not a competition to find who got the song writers meaning of the song right.

just enjoy | Reviewer: nemesyz | 6/20/11

hey wise guy. just enjoy the music. you all always make statement pedantically that try to describe the meaning of this know what, you know nothing, man. only the creator who know the truly meaning of their song. don't make they laugh with your poetical word. peace all

philosophical song | Reviewer: Rebecca | 6/17/11

This song is amazingly spirtual and philosophical in that it's referring to both the life experience and the eternal exestence. It's further portraying a sense of unity of all souls which can be seen within the first three verses. It's also describing human nature, during the life experience we all become unconscious of our true essence of unity which the song refers to as putting our walls up and losing ourselves. When we escape the human experience, we realize that we are truly one which the song refers to as the eternal prize. Beautiful lyrics.

The True Meaning | Reviewer: Christopher Chan | 5/9/11

This song is about enlightenment: the realization and acceptance that you, your life, your material belongings, your emotions, and your consciousness are all part of an illusion you will never escape. Case closed.

hahaha, yeah...about that | Reviewer: morgan | 5/9/11

I think this song is beautifull, and is poetic, and serj is absolutly lyricly and musicly genious. i dont think that any of you haters willl ever brake the spirit of the true soad fans mkay? so stop with your religous bs. this isnt church. GOD IS FOR LOOOOSERS. GO SATIN. JK ;) \m/ ROCK ON!!!! XOXOXOXO

Good Song, Johan Did It Better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/11

I like this song a a lot, but type in "Johan Hegg Karaoke" on Youtube. Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth covers this song on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, and I think it is one of the best covers I have ever heard, and is better than even the original.

Life is a waterfall | Reviewer: Bryan | 2/1/11

"Life is a waterfall,we're one in the river,and one again after the fall..." Serj is trying to state the point life "is" in fact a waterfall, were live on this earth "one in the river " then when we pass to the immortal life "after we fall" You can't leave out or ignore the sprirual & religous origins of the great System of a Down... You just might as well not listen to the

haha wow | Reviewer: Rachel | 1/23/11

ok System of a Down is my top favorite band! idk who said that they are satanic but they are pretty stupid for saying that. i might be agnostic but who cares? (and no that does not mean i dont believe in god, it means that i believe theres possibly a higher power, i just dont believe the dumb stories, they dont seem right) SYSTEM OF A DOWN RULES!!

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