Review for Sweetbox

------ 08/28/2007 12:00:00 PM

Sweetbox! <3

Ok, I heard the song Addicted for the first time in my new phone xD.
I liked it; I really liked it, then I decided to browse some things about you and your band or wtv (really, I don't know anything about you now, I guess I keep following...) and here I am, writing you a from Argentina, and and practicing my English (I hope you understand me xD... no, really).
Damn, I just don't know what to say, your story was so... Incredible (serious, I didnt wait this...), you look like a simple-and-super-top-singer from nowhere, a country who nobody thinks about, ever... like Lituania or Swaziland xP.
Alright, I'll look something about you and later I will write you to say what-the-hell I think about your music ;). I hope that you don't defraud me; I know you dont n.n;

Thanks to
Julieta for submitting the review.