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Performed by Sweetbox

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Amazing | Reviewer: andrew | 11/10/11

I like this song so much. I am not afraid to admit I like this song. I might not cry to this song or story, but it still feels like I am about to cry when I here this song. I am trying to find the CD in English and for cheap but I can't. Well anyway a very good song non the less.

my thoughts | Reviewer: ffxlover | 3/27/11

i cant get over this song its just a simple masterpiece it changed me inside it made me cry i cant stop thinking about it but my brother sold the game so yeah i cant listen to it anymore i love that game so much

Flagitastic! :D SO AWESOME! | Reviewer: S U G A R ;> | 2/22/10

I love this song so much it makes me cry. :D

All because of Final Fantasy. > ^ <

Yuna looked so cute while singing this song. With Lenne. Their (Shuyin and Lenne's) story was so sad. D: Yuna said something about this song being Lenne's feelings? Well Lenne has good taste. xD

i love it | Reviewer: monky5000 | 11/18/09

when i heared the song i loved it i write the lrycs out and lernt the song and when i sang it to the girl i love and asked her out after she fell in love with me half way throue the song

p.S. i also love real emotion i cant get them out of ma head i hope to hear more song in the further FF game and may just maby on CD

Song that made me like J-Pop | Reviewer: Cody | 7/13/09

This song is really good, and I liked the game, too. Now I can't go anywhere without my collection of songs by both Sweetbox and Jade, now that she is solo. I also have Kodi Kumi's version and it's good as well.

COOL | Reviewer: HLT | 12/10/08

EVEN THOUGH IT MAY SOUND GIRLY OF ME i just wanted to say that this song is very touching and i like it very much :)now it's my and my GF's theme song and i'm such a Final Fantasy Fan GO TIDUS!!! GO YUNA!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! FFX,FFx-2 forever!


awesome!!!!! | Reviewer: chis | 11/24/08

i first heard this song just 2 days ago and lastnight i listened to it about 1000 times. it is an awesome song but i cant get anyone to listen to because they think that the whole game is gay. except one.

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/08

After playing Final Fantasy X I was never really a fan of the weirdly chick-flick version X-2. Yet in spite of being embarassed to show this music to any of my freinds, it makes me want to play the game a little. It's such a touching song... yeah, far to spongey for me to openly admit that I like it but I wont say it isn't not very-good :D Did I say that right...? WHATEVER! Thumbs up OK!?

my top favorite song! | Reviewer: alyssa | 9/14/08

I love this song! My friend showed me the video and I started to cry when Shuyin and Lenne were shot. I like when Yuna turns into Lenne and it shows whar happens to her. Also when Yuna and Lenne sing together;it's so awesome!

finally | Reviewer: Andrew | 7/1/08

hahah its an awsum song. i only know it cus my sister was playing this game called final fantasy

anyway me and my frnd hav found out the guitar chords so if any of u want to hear us playing/singing this song feel free to email me

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