Reverse Dreamer | Reviewer: wane | 7/20/11

This, a song bout
man v.s. boy dream,
to me must tout
lyric to mean.

man washed up dream through
tell boy "same to you."

man put boy down shade,
boy b/come famous. made,
song bout xperience said,
lyric in reverse now read.

Dream vs. Reality | Reviewer: Melissa | 5/25/11

We are all dreamers.
Dreams are not in the physical.
Dreams are just dreams.
Life is Life.
Everything that happens to you in life, you do it to yourself.
That is Life.

Now that you realize this, you get down on yourself. Guilt, shame, mistakes.
This is the Life you are still creating for yourself. You are doing it to yourself.

Oh well, one day it will work out.

And the viscous cycle starts again.

Wake up, and realize that you are a dreamer, wake up and realize this. Life is out there, it is here, it is now. Start creating the Life for yourself that you want.

The self deceit is believing in the dream.
The self help is realizing the difference between dreams and reality.

Stop the drama.
You create the Life you want.

Interpret this. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/11

To interpret the lyrics, they are saying having dreams are pointless and making plans never works out quite right, you can't put your hands in your head and pull out your dreams so just live your life and it will be good and reward you, put faith in yourself not your dreams.

Dreamer | Reviewer: SLiice | 8/2/10

Well from my perspective the lyrics could be demonstrating the relationship between a parent and their child. It shows the contempt and creulty of the disturbing parent. Read the lyrics with this in mind. "I said dreamer, you're nothing but a dreamer." etc.

One of Supertramps best | Reviewer: I Of Rock Green | 1/10/10

I just read the last entry and put my head in my hands... its a crime of a centry to feel that the dreamer lyrics are bashing dreamers... the Supertramp lyrics in this album are looking at reality; from trying to motivate lazy dreamers, like me, to the sadness of society shunning those that can't be quantified.
Music is art and visa versa, both are provocative, the whole point of either is if they can create an emotion in the audience.
Carry on dreaming.
Ivan Z.

No interpretation | Reviewer: oh gosh | 10/15/09

Uhm.. I think the song is about the writer self motivating himself to do better... with an obvious complex (possibly from parents or society) that being a dreamer is "stupid" and a waste of time-you wanted to be a dreamer, "a stupid little dreamer", so you had it coming to you.

Of course, he knows he can do anything but can "I" do something out of this world?... Can I put my hands in my head?.. Can I pull out these dreams and make them realities?... oh no!

Dreamer - another interpretation | Reviewer: Vulnerable2 | 4/3/09

The words in the lyrics of Dreamer have been presented very carefully and convey a very powerful set of notions.The first phrase presents two notions that compete for your attention.At one level the composer attempts to highlight the limitation and reality of the human brain.At another level the message of the song is very ingenious and gives the listener an opportunity to participate in an elaborate mental exercise.In the song you are given precise clues about the way the inner mind communicates ideas.The listener needs to use different perpectives to interpret the purpose of the message.Dreamer has a very crucial message and it is based on the human brains abilty to comprehend reality.Consider the difference between can you put your hands in your head and now you put your head in your hands.These notions cleverly deguise the conflict of a mind in turmoil.The message is a reflection of expectations being imposed on the dreamer.The dreamer is an important concept as it is the source of imagination and innovation and enhances the development of artistic functions in human brain.However it is the aspirations and expectations of other people being imposed on the dreamer that create the basis for this simple test of social awareness.Listen to the words and you will understand how external reality or more precisely can you do something out of this world? explains how the dreamer is always in reality and can never function in isolation from society.
The world and our own existance is physical.

One very important observation that the composer communicates to the listener is the notion of the dreamer not the day dreamer.

The ability to explain this process either exists in the world of sleep or "We'll work it out someday"

If language helps you to express and convey your thoughts what thoughts would you have without dreams?

Boy celebrate you can always try to imagine a world in total denial and oblivious to reality.