'Cause I'M a one girl revolution. | Reviewer: xXSpiritKeeperXx | 6/27/11

I thought it said "lose my heart on freedom" instead of 'hard-earned', "I live in the sky/I'm just your average teen" for the first two lines, "I am the voice you're waiting to hear", "I am confident in insecurity." o_O
...And what's with the rifles? I thought it was just a synthetic riff. ;A; I love this song! <3
Superchick is the best band ever! :D

I heard it in a film! | Reviewer: Rida | 5/3/10

I LOVE this song, I first heard it in Cadet Kelly, a movie on Disney Channel which I re-watched over and over so the workds were in my head. Then like a year later, I heard it in a holiday in the sun - the Olsen Twins movie and the workds just flew back to my head :)
Awesome song, will def. download it ^^

WOW! | Reviewer: Zunera Ali | 4/4/09

i heard this song for the ninth time watching Cadet Kelly and i've been thinknig about searching ti. It's awesome and so wow! The music's great. It's become my favourite song. I recorded it from Cadet Kelly and i've been lsitening to it. But now i've bought it and it's soo kool.

My Life's Theme Song | Reviewer: Ylanne Sorrows | 8/31/08

I first heard this song in the Disney Channel movie Cadet Kelly some years ago. I fell in love with it, looked it up later, and now listen to it all the time. It is like a theme song to my life--I love the words!

This band's other songs are amazing too, especially "Hero". I would recommend them to anyone.

Oh Hi | Reviewer: Anonymousgirl | 3/5/08

Love this song it totally fits me right now. I plan on having it on my ipod for the protest against Scientology
Operation freakout
Operation Snow White
March 15
We will never forget

love it | Reviewer: green day lover! | 1/2/08

it is the best song ever i was wathing cadet kell and i just love it i've seen the video tons of times and wanted to seen the lyrics because i wanted well to see the lyrics because i relly only lisento the beat but ausome song!

weird | Reviewer: lozza | 12/24/07

ok i luv this song first time i heard it was in an old olsen movie, i think it was A Holiday in the SUn, but alli know is i am in luv with it its great!!!

such a great song!!! | Reviewer: bryn | 11/16/07

this song is so awesome and has such a good beat, its probably one of my favourite songs ever, its so addicting and truly fits girl! thanks so much to whoever put up these lyrics! and yes it is a one girl revolution! :);)

one girl revolution | Reviewer: sailor moon girl | 11/1/07

I loove this song i love to watch the music video on the lady heartilly productions and now i know the lyrics it will be so cool

ca l├Ęte! | Reviewer: marie | 8/22/07

fraiche cette chanson! ouais pareil j'l'ai entendu sur disney chanel et dans un vieux film des jumelles olsen... trop bien mais heureusement que j'ai maintenant les paroles pour comprendre ! lol

nice song! yeah same i heard it on disney chanel and in an old olsen twins film... cool now i have the lyriks for better understanding! lol

--> a frenchie