omg! | Reviewer: Kami | 6/25/07

I love this song! its on my ipod. this song tottaly fits me!

like, best i have ever heard! | Reviewer: alison | 5/26/07

OMG, i like, TOTALLY looooove this song. i heard it on like legally blonde, and i was like "i like HAVE to get this song!" ya know? ah! i like love it!

fab song | Reviewer: kat | 4/29/07

god i love this song, new fav song, soo awesome first heard it in legally blonde too

Super_Song! | Reviewer: Boo | 4/14/07

Oh My God! I Love this song! its amazing"! i first heard it on legally blonde and cadet kelly too! its sooooo great!

Rockin' Song! | Reviewer: Cayla | 2/17/07

I first heard this song on Disney's Channel Original Movie Cadet Kelly. It is such an awesome song that when i saw it on Itunes i just had to get it! It is so awesome!

One Girl Revoloution | Reviewer: Lexis | 2/17/07

This album is exalent and I recamend it to ather people.