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Performed by Superchick

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thanks | Reviewer: Olivia | 6/19/08

the first time i heard this song i didnt understand it... i just thought 'oh thats regular bullying...' but then i listened to it again and thought about it more... i dont know if i bully. but im gonna try not to even watch bullying happen. the next person i see getting bullied im gonna stick up for them... i mean get in there and stick up for them. thanx superchick

:(+hero=:) | Reviewer: Destiny | 5/24/08

I have been 'depressed' for about 6 months now. This song really opened up my eyes! I'm only ten but people want so much of me! I herd this song LIVE! I really almost cried. Thank you soooo much Superchic[k]!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/08

this song is amazingly true. i don't see ant of this at school but i do see people get bullied in fact i get bullied. i totally love this song because it is the truth thanx superchick for letting the world know of the problem

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/08

this is an awesome song! my friend has tried suicide numerour times and i keep telling her that if it didnt work the first time then it is obviously not her time to go. my sister and i support her and she has not been suicidal for a while

Think About IT! | Reviewer: Raynee | 4/8/08

My boyfriend told me about this song, and as soon as i listened to the words i loved it. IT really is true and the more i think about it the more i want to be a hero. I have been someone who has just sat back and watched it happen. A guy in one of my classes tried to commit suicide this year, and it was really stuck in my head. This song helped me to decide i want to change the world. Even just giving someone a simple smile in the hallway, could change the way they think and feel about themselves. Take the time to think about it!!

Mandy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/08

I love this song. Even though you dont really see much of this at my school i get most of it because im bi and dress differently than others. i can totaly relate to this song, mostly because i have thought about suaside many times.

comment | Reviewer: Mandy | 3/1/08

I love this song. It reminds me of my two frinds who killed them selfs; and how close i have been to commiting suaside myself.People dont relize how there words can effect people you look at one person who dresses completly different from you then you and they tell everyone there bisexual and you dont leave them alone about it; then you look at someone that dresses similar to you they tell you there bisexual and you dont care, your fine with it.

Words do matter what ever you think. The truth is ever thing you say changes something around you.

Suicide | Reviewer: Susan | 2/14/08

I had just completed a project on Suicide for my 9th grade Health Class when I coincidently was introduced to this song. I love this song for its truth. Things like these do happen. Many people just 'sit back' because they don't know anything about Suicide. They do not know that it /is/ out there and that teens ages 15-24 all over the world are committing this self-inflicted murder. Whenever I hear this song, I think about all those lives that could have been saved, if only more people knew of the world-wide problem. I cry whenever it comes on, realizing that, before the 9th grade, I had never even though about Suicide. It was something only one out of a trillion did. But when I researched and found the real facts, I was 'waken'. I don't know if I pass a single day without thinking about the subject. I have spoken to some of my friends and was shocked to find that even some of /them/ had seen Suicide a possibility at least once in their life. It is truly a scary yet real life problem going on right now. To think that, at this very moment, some teen is committing Suicide is just chilling to the bone. I have committed my self to informing people of the terribly real fact that Suicide does happen, and it can happen to anyone.

Amazing | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/11/08

I love this song. The more I listened to it, the more I realized that I was one of those people that just sat back and watched it happen. I wanted to do something, but I didn't. I always wanted to stand up for people who can't do it themselves, including animals. This song helped me realize that no matter how strong and brave I act, I'm not really until I help other people become brave too. Thanks so much Superchick.

wow. | Reviewer: RO | 1/27/08

its amazing how much this is true. the first time i herd this song was at a church camp. take two played it. i just busted out in tears. cuz this was my story. i looked down at my arm. saw the scars. i saw the carvings i had in me. but i'm one of those people. that noone even knows. or thinks. this song is what stoped me. so thank you. thank you so so much. you were a hero. You saved a life.

I love this song! | Reviewer: Chuckie | 1/22/08

I have two Superchic[k] C.Ds and just love listening to this song. It calms me down after I've had a fight with someone in my family. May the Lord always help Superchic[k] spred the word to every country in the world. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be writing this review right now.
God bless you Superchic[k]!

wow.... | Reviewer: daniel | 1/20/08

powerful, awsome, we are using this for our annual Act Out Health show in school and omg the first show nite i cryed during the show its just so sad but true and i hope that for all of those who can realate to this song like i can that your situation has gotten better and if not i hope you have the strength to hold on it will get better god bless ya'll piece out read John 3:16 seriously

Reminders | Reviewer: Charlie | 1/3/08

This song reminds me of what it was like in private school.the other kids made fun of me just because of my dad.luckily, some people who later on became my friends pulled me out of the ditch i had dug. Thanks Superchic[k]! I'm a home schooler now so I don't have the prob. of bullies.just a reminder.if you have the Lord on your side, anything is posible

WOW I LUV THIS SONG!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 12/13/07

o my goddness! i just luv this song so much! i feel really bad for those kids at my school who get bulllied and for the bullies themselves!!!!!!! thanks so much Superchick for writing this song! im never going to be a bully any more!!!

B A WITNESS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again Superchick!!!!!!!

this song is so sad and true!!!! | Reviewer: ashley box | 12/5/07

OMG. i love this song so much. it reminds me of so many people in my school. And mean me made fun of them.i will prob. NEVER do that again. it made me think SO difrently about them.i fell SOOOO bad it not even funny im gona make ALL my friends listen to this song.<333

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