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Performed by Superchick

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touching | Reviewer: Kayla Shorey | 1/15/07

ever seince i heard this song i always treat people a hec of a lot better than i did before. and i tell everyone that were all people. made from the same person. God

Powerful. | Reviewer: Joanne | 7/23/06

This song holds such a powerful and meaningful message. So many people I know should listen to this song. The message shines bright and clear, and I listen to it whenever I feel like I'm not like everyone else. This song has helped me through so many hard times, and I'm sure it could be the soundtrack to most schools. <3

A good cry | Reviewer: Vee | 6/6/06

This song has such a powerful message. It makes me want to cry because i know people who have thought about suicide and have done drugs and i am just encouraged to stand up among the frightened and help them when they fall.

Hero Song. | Reviewer: Someone. | 5/17/06

Whenever I just can't take it anymore, I sit and listen to your song. It gives me this...this energy that makes me think what a small issue it was that I had been through.

Superchick | Reviewer: Josh | 3/31/06

this song is so good, its shows a good lesson and makes people think, that if you dont let people fit in or make fun of them this could happen, this is such a great song with a powerful message and dont think its "emo" listen to it if you havent you may get something out of it


help | Reviewer: Alison | 1/29/06

my class has a bad problem with suicide...ive lost almost 15 people since 9th grade. this song is perfect for all those "informmercials" that the faculty is creating to address the problem. Its fits so perfectly for the rest of us that have to learn from others mistakes.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Chrissy | 1/12/06

This song has a beautiful meaning to it and can teach you many things; like being more aware of others around you. Like all Superchick songs this one is awesome and has a great meaning to it.

What's the point of a title? | Reviewer: Supachic | 6/20/05

This song is awesome! I LOVE this song. It's the best, and it taught me some stuff. If you haven't heard of this song please LISTEN TO IT! Trust me, it's great.

i LOVE this song | Reviewer: Kathryn | 1/20/05

This is such a good song with an awesome meaning. I think everyone can relate it someone in their life and it tells you that everyone can be a hero. Thank you superchick for this song. Now i know that i can make a difference.

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