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Performed by Superchick

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ABOUT THE SONG | Reviewer: natalie | 5/24/07

my teacher was doin a lesson on bullying and she brang the cd in and we all absoulutly loved it
it has a really good meaning to it and people in our class changed their ways after they heard this song!

AJR | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

Alot of people could relate to this song. Holds a powerful meaning. Put it on the radio!!!

wow | Reviewer: chelsea | 5/17/07

i love this song because iv been in these places and just stood back and let it all happen when i knew i shoulda done something,yeah ive commited suicide ive taken drugs and nobody stoped me and somehow i wish thewy did......

Listen Up | Reviewer: Around Death Way Too Much | 5/15/07

The first time i heard this song was when i was on YouTube. and i love it. i wanted to cry. cause my bro has done drugs. and since last year, i've lost 17 ppl to suicide. 3 were my friends and the rest were ppl in my grade. I showed this song to all of MHS, and hopefully i got through to them. But i will always know that there will always be a bully. but i'll be there helping the victim of death.

awesome! | Reviewer: kimberley | 5/15/07

i love this song. it really hits home. great energy, and even better story coming out of it!

i love the remix too, check it out!

I luv it! | Reviewer: Larrissa | 5/6/07

this song is so cool. It coveys a really good point. If only more people knew this song may b there wuldnt b as mani skool shootings. this song made me treat people better cuz it made me think of how the people that get bullied feel sometimes, that they'd take their own life to stop the bullying and hurt. this song helps people know wut the peopple their bullying fell like. Awesome song!!!

I luv it | Reviewer: Leandra | 5/6/07

Omg DuDE that is the best thing i've ever seen u write and the tune is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

i love the message of this song! i first listened to it from a friend and ever since i have listened to it like everyday!

superchick is awsome | Reviewer: Paige | 5/5/07

this song is a great song and i just love the whole group

GREAT! | Reviewer: Anonymous 2 | 5/1/07

This is great song, but you should also check out the new version, or "Red Pill MIx." Superchick added a section and I think it might be a bit better than the original. The "Red Pill Mix" came after the Virginia Tech Shootings. SO check it out! Awhile ago they were offering free downloads on their official site. :P

amazing. | Reviewer: Katie | 4/22/07

this song is so awesome. it teaches people the real shit that happens. its really terrible. so much of this is happening everyday and no one really seems to notice. people NEED TO NOTICE. this song is so true in every way possible.

insperational | Reviewer: Katie | 3/17/07

My class is learning about bulling and the effects right now. It totally fits with the entire subject. I'm totally going to show this to my teacher!!

OMG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/07

this song i heard today by a teacher. he is a teacher for a thing called young ambassadors at my school and he played this song

hero | Reviewer: kat | 2/19/07

this song is so has made a big difference in my my church we are doing a human video for this song(we are kinda acting it out) and we are working really hard, and i hope that when we do it in front of our youth group...that the emo kids, the kids that go cuz their parents make them, kids that get bullied, kids that bully people, and kids that hate god,i hope they get touched my this song. there are a lot of people who need to listen to this song, and thanks superchick for macking it, great message!

Hero --superchick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/07

my spanish teacher has her whole lessons about bullying and one day she brought in this cd, and played this song. everyone loves this song. its def one of my favorites; and you have to listen to it . every word means something in this song.

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