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Performed by Superchick

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let this song be heard around the world | Reviewer: | 10/15/08

This has to be one of my favorite songs because I can relate to it and the meaning is so true. I have often been teased in school (I’m in 10th grade this year and finally it has stopped!) It would be from find gum stuck on my locker on a daily bases, to a girl who sat next to me in band who would cuss me out and just verbally abuse me, to spreading horrible rumors about me so that the majority of my classmates refused to talk to me or ignored me if I said anything and would pretend that they didn't hear. And the sad thing is that I go to a small school called Winnebago and people think that things like this isn't such a big problem and only happens in large school. And if you were to give them a survey about teasing being a problem, they would say 'no.' If you were to ask them if they saw someone being teased would you
A) Stick up for victim

B) Join in the bullying

C) Stand by and do nothing

Most people would say A because they often chose the answer that they see as 'correct' not what they would actually do. It may be worse in larger schools, but its still been pretty bad for me verbally wise till for a point I was considering about taking my own life because I had NO friends in my grade and the ones I ever DID have ended up joining the 'in crowd' and became the ones that teased me, or did what most did, stand by and watch without even lifting a finger to help.
Now I have a few friends in my own grade, and a few in lower and higher grades as well so no one teases me and the rumors, stealing my band music, and the sticking of gum on my locker has stopped.
I'm not posting this to make people feel sorry for me, but for people to be aware and bullying often goes overlooked.
-Danielle Freeman age 16 Winnebago IL

wow | Reviewer: nikki | 10/12/08

i go to a private school so people wouldn't expect there to be as many bullies. There may not be as many but there still are heaps. Most don't even realise that they hurt people (me) with their words. I'm ashamed to say I've walked past bulling and done nothing, but after hearing this song, I will never again leave someone to be bullied, even if i don't like them.
Also it made me feel better when i was being bullied. Well not quiet bullied. When i walked up to people, even friends, they stoped talking then started to talk about things like the weather. After hearing this song I decided to be my own hero, becuase mine was on a coffee break... I told them to stop talking about me behind my back, and now they have stopped comletly, and we all love this song.

WOW. | Reviewer: Twilight | 10/8/08

This song, is one of the most meaningful and inspiring songs of our modern times. Many kids feel alone, and if they had a single friend, then they would be happier and more well adjusted people. We should all be hero's as this song says. Superchik has stepped out and called the people on something that we all do quite often, WE EXCLUDE OTHERS. almost all of us use nepotism, and it is wrong.


Damn inspiring. | Reviewer: Mared | 9/7/08

I heard this song a few weeks ago, and I thought it was such an amazing song that I searched the internet just so that I could download it. I tried to get my friends to listen to it, but they said that they don't like 'old music'. Just because this was made in 2003 doesn't mean it sucks! I'm going to sing this at my audition for our school's musical, and hopefully open the eyes of the people who's listening to me.

omgosh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/08

WOWOWOWOW this song is absolutely amazing. I am only 13 years old but i already know people that want to commit suicide. My ex-boyfriend has these type of thoughts all the time and i hope that i have been able to help, but im not sure.... I feel so terrible because i am well was one of the popular girls who gossip and spread rumors. thanks to this song i am working on preventing and eventually stopping this. thank you sooo much superchick!!!!!

i didnt know.... | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 9/4/08

WOW this song really opened my eyes. I didn't realize that when you say something mean to a person that it effected them so much. I've never been bullied because I am in the "in" group. I am so sorry that I was a jerk to people. This song really changed my perspective on things. I am totally not going to bully people and try to stop it if I can. Thanks superchick!!!!

my friend. | Reviewer: can relate | 9/1/08

i didn't hate my friend, nor did i want him to die. but he went home and committed suicide.

he was bullied, and lost hope.
it's too late for him, but it's not too late for other people. you pass by people everyday who are contemplating suicide. a smile, a hug, a pat on the back may be all they need to get through the day.

I feel like I somehow now understand | Reviewer: Jarkore Gold-Moon | 9/1/08

This song reminds me of my friend. My best friend. He was harrased by bullies when he went to the school that I go to now. He now goes to a private school, but his parents are finding it hard to pay for the him to go there anymore. He may have to go back to the school were he got harrased on a daily bases. He really doesn't want to go, but he may have to in the end. I promise that if he does I will protect him. I won't let the people from the past harm him now. I will be there. I may get hurt, but if he's okay then I'm sure I will be okay.

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/08

This song is really what people need to hear. It's not right for this to happen. SOme adults say that everybody goes through it and that bullying is apart of growing up. I think that bullying happens, but what is really important is the people who watch it happen. If only they would stop it, maybe some kids wouldn't have to go home and cry everyday.

So true! :( | Reviewer: Bethany | 8/19/08

This song is so true! I was bullied all through secondary school! It was terrible! I just wish that people would step in and be a hero! I think saving someones life is much better than fitting in! And besides, if you have to bully to fit in then I think we should actually feel a bit sorry for them! And I just want this opportunity to tell people that God is the answer to everything and if you are having troubles, pray! Because all God wants to do is look after you and love you, and for you to love him in return! He is my hero! :)

pray | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/08

I love this song. I makes you think about how you treat people and how it will affect them.
We should pray for them. When we see them getting bullied we should tell them the truth that God loves him.

.. | Reviewer: Dj | 8/8/08

wow this song really touches me because one person comes to my head when i hear it. there's this one kid at my school that im always bullying just to fit in and i feel really bad about it now that i realize how much it hurts because ive been bullied alot

Hoping for a Hero | Reviewer: Melisa | 6/26/08

When I listened to this for the first time I felt really connected because me and my friend get bullied alot. My friend has been bullied all her life and at one point was planning to commit sucide, but she chickened out and I glad or I wouldn't know her today. I've only be bullied in the past 3 years since I've went to secondary school and jst wish that they would give us a break. I've felt suicidal at one point and I think everyone has at one point in their life. I think that all schools should have this song played so that people get the message.

woah! | Reviewer: Lindsey | 6/21/08

Every time I hear this song I almost cry because I can really relate to this song. Iv been bullied sooo many times it hurts alot. it hurt sooo much iv tried cutting myself but cutting your self doesnt help it just makes things worse because eventually the bullies will find out and torture you untill you crack(thats what happened to me). Iv also tried comiting scuicide. Comiting suicide doesnt work either. If you see someone getting bullied then you shouldnt sit back and watch just because everyone else is doing it you have to a hero and help dont wait till the last minute because by then it will be to late.

wow | Reviewer: kyrsten | 6/19/08

this song opened my eyes alot to what the world really is. i really listened and felt like this song was written for me and all those who don't fit in and go through the same stuff that i go through. the truth is i really want to tell you what i did but i can't tell anyone cause of the courts i am 14 and well lets just say i made a list of people to kill. they were the ones who hurt me the most and i hope noone i know finds this or i will be in trouble but i felt alot and cried it made me look up and say i could be a hero and stick up for others like me. thank you superchick for writing this song thank you so much

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