To WTF guy | Reviewer: Allyson | 11/11/11

you obviously don't get it.

and btw, Sum 41 is famous for being AWESOME<3
Nah but really they're truly truly truly punk, through and through, rebels.
To the boneeeeeeeeeeee
Which was HUGE in the 90's, which is why they made it so far(:

It's funny, I saw the Offspring a couple years ago and they're my favorite band and Sum 41 opened for them but I didn't know who they were at the time so I was bouncing around and kept ssaying to my dad CMONNNNNNNNNNN WHEN'S THE OFFSPRING COMING ONNNNNNN GET OFF THE STAGEEEEEEEEE

but now I'm like D: i wish i payed attention :(

lol ;)

Bashing Someones Head in... | Reviewer: Amethyst | 5/7/11

To WTF... I really wish I could bash your head in with a metal bat. If you seriously have nothing that involves this song (other that its in something you watch) you have no reason to be talking shit about it. Just because YOU don't think the lyrics or true or that this song is FUCKING AMAZING doesn't mean you need to tell the world. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK :0 does that shock you?! And talking about 9/11, I had people that I loved that were killed thanks to that, so speaking about that hurts me and many others. You should never speak so freely about it, acting like Sum 41 doesn't give a damn, because it will get you beaten. I know your probably not even gonna look at this again, but I seriously wish I could beat some sense into ya.

In other news, I love this song. It's true about anyone NOT JUST THE GOVERNMENT (that was towards WTF) so it hits the spot. I know that I'm not going to be a perfect soul, nor do I try to be. This song just makes me wanna go crazy. Our government thinks too highly of themselves, though some things they do around great, they made many horrid decisions. Not meaning to bash though, I don't hate the government, just hoping that they will change for the better. We will fall, otherwise.

blank | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/11

this song is the reason I fell in love with sum41
but through the years i kinda lost interest in them. but listening to this song I'm in love again also with their new single screaming bloody murder is fuuking wicked.

anyways they have the most REAL lyrics
anyone who denies this has not experienced life with all it's hate and love and confusion and I'd advise them to start experiencing it now by listening to the realness that can be obtained from such lyrics as those written and performed by sum 41.

WTF stupid or plain idiot? | Reviewer: Snake | 1/31/11

To WTF, are you really that stupid or are you acting?"I wonder if any of these idiots have the gumption to actually tell the victims of 9/11 "Ooops, well it's your own fualt you're dead." Why even make that as an exemple? it´s just so stupid and makes no sense what so ever. This song makes sense in several ways but your just to dumb to realise it. I pitty you man.

Also to WTF guy... | Reviewer: Wolfheart | 12/24/10

Ok, first off, I'm trying to uderstand WHY you would look up the lyrics to a song that you think "Sucks" in the first place. So...suddenly..your the top of the "Cool list?" That would be majorly depressing. Second, Why are you blaming the artist who made the song for being in a movie? You do realize that the directors put it in right? So the band members apperntly forced them to put it in the movie? I think not. Obviously it had meaning for the direstor that you missed. THIRD, Stop...trolling. (Look it up if you don't know what it means.) So what if you think this song is dumb? Do something more productive with your time rather that starting crap on the internet because you don't have a girlfriend. We.Don't. need. your. negitivity. Go listen to Lady gaga if your so bored.(No, I have nothing against lady gaga.) We don't give a damn about your personal beef about the song.

Lastly, The US government DOES hide things from you. Although I'm not someone to bash the US, you need to understand that they have never/ nore will they ever be completly honest with us. That's just how governments work.Not just ours. Unfortunetly, It's not offen in our best intrest. So you believe the government is a heavnly place that has no lies or wrong deeds? Remember, this is the same government that allowed the ownership of people for YEARS. Allowed people to be beaten, hung, and blocked them from public education for YEARS.

Again, I do believe that MOST peopl in charge because they wan''t us to be safe. But a select few DO lie to us. And the way the government works, allows them too. Hence how things have gotten out of control.

*End rant*

Great song | Reviewer: Jasmin | 11/13/10

I love this song, It's one of those songs that just caught me and won't let go.
Personally i beleive that all good songs have many meaning, like take your pick, interperate at your will. For me this song speaks of how humanity has gone too far, been too greedy. And yes forgive me for saying that i think The government is lying to us, they've been greedy. I don't think It's too much of a far-fetched idea, just think about it.

This song explains human nature | Reviewer: tickeritick | 4/26/10

This song is so true. I believe this song is so much more, it´s about mankind, the nature of our assured self destruction. We are destined to fall, our society. It´s in our very nature to fight, destroy and corrupt. No human being is ultimately good inside, we all have our dark sides. This song kinda gives me that small hope that mankind will change.

Anonymous | Reviewer: ROcK OUT | 10/2/09

I just wish they did a remake video for this song pretty much all of there videos sucks but their songs rock and having a sucky producer and director for the videos is just sad. I think these guys themselves are just mocking their own songs by agreeing to sucky video ideas.

Why? to WFT guy and wooo to this song | Reviewer: Anon | 9/14/09

That guy who said WTF to it firstly its not about the lyrics and the film, like New Divide by Liknin Park doesnt have anything to do with Transformers the music just fits the film its the same with your film and this song, and secondly its fucking terrirists fault that 9/11 happend not the people working the the fucking towers. ok that done i fucking love this song the meaning the lyrics the singing the tune and everything else

Powerfull | Reviewer: Dj FuLL Duplex | 8/9/09

In my opinion, this song tells us to be more in control of our wishes. People should understand that there is so much more in life than just money and we should not become fools while reaching the big money. But instead of it, we should try to be more honest, sincere and willing to be rich inside ( "that is something like spiritual or stuff like that :)" ).