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------ performed by Sum 41

My thoughts | Reviewer: Sohni | 7/29/07

I'm a fan of Sum 41 and this is my favorite song of theirs. The lyrics are awesome and the music is amazing. Quite possibly their best work. =]

Geek out | Reviewer: Dray | 6/27/07

Right, I love this song cause, well, it appeared (well teh first verse) in Godzilla: Final Wars, which makes it aweosme in my books

SUM 41 IS CANADIAN! | Reviewer: Jomommaz | 6/23/07

you got a good idea goin there *Guy* BUT! SUM 41 IS CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this is a total kik ass song. No matter how u interpret it. Sick chorus, excecuted perfectly and the guy before me likes the song and just feels like messing wit us!

WordS | Reviewer: Chris | 6/19/07

I think its soppose to be born in the land of the free. i think. it makes more since to me anyways

i love it | Reviewer: Ashley | 6/14/07

At first i didn't really like the song but then i actually started listening to it. I write songs myself so i tend to listen to lyrics more than the music (the music is awesome too though) and it now i love it.

We're All To Blame | Reviewer: xXHyuugaMaiXx | 6/6/07


this song ROCKS without a doubt. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

ok, so the lyrics and everything else is totally awesome. i love a good heavy rock song that has a strong meaning and message. it definitely is the best of sum 41 in my opinion. so go buy/download/listen. you'll be impressed!

What the hell? | Reviewer: Tennis Freak | 4/23/07

I hate the people who call you a retard for liking a song that they don't like. I mean, what the fuck? Everyone has their own opinion, right? This is a really good song, but I prefer Fat Lip, The Hell Song, and Pieces. Sum 41 is a really awesome band.

And the guy who rated this song a negative 27 is a pathetic mother******. Whatever, I'm just not gonna say anything else.

LOVE THE SONG! | Reviewer: Lisa | 4/14/07

yay! that's the best song I've ever heard! you're my fav. band!!!! I love you!<3

Nice | Reviewer: Matt | 2/9/07

Sum 41 took a whole different angle in this one. It's more hard rock than their normal punk, and they do it well. Really good song download it for sure

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