Emily | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/09

I think that this song shows how a person wants so much, and what they want is things like power, money and material objects; things that will fade away over time. And to get those things people are willing to go to extreme measures to gain them. Sometimes we'll only think of what we can have and forget what we do have.

WHAT? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

I'm a big G fan, so I looked up the lyrics when I heard this song in Final Wars. All I have to say is WTFrak? This song is SO stupid! Nothing to do with the movie. All Sum 41 is another band that is only popular for their political views. I mean, really? This isn't about anything but senseless US bashing. I wonder if any of these idiots have the gumption to actually tell the victims of 9/11 "Ooops, well it's your own fualt you're dead." This song just makes me mad...

meaning full songs | Reviewer: Evan | 4/8/09

most of sum 41's songs have meaning to them and are put into things that happen in real life. like with over my head better off dead by sum 41 its talking about people being fake just to fit in and they could just be themselves.

CONNECTION TO GODZILLA | Reviewer: JC Rojales | 3/13/09

Well, in case you're wondering why it's on Godzilla: FINAL WARS, it's kinda connected to Godzilla's mutation. WE'RE ALL TO BLAME for that-allowing the nuclear bomb. It's kinda our fault, actually, but still, he did save the world from monsters. But, he left behind some destruction, and he's mad at us for awakening him from deep slumber, explaining the destruction. That's its connection.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/08

overall good song. best song ever and it has so much meaning to it. i recommend it but the music video is terrible it is the worst video i have ever seen. if only they just re did the video into something better on what the song means.

Simply amazing | Reviewer: Jonas | 1/30/08

As said before, this song was written somewhere, with war around them everyday. They have said that the way the song starts of really heavy and then goes soft in the chorus symbolizes war, because it's just the same way; at one time it's all piece and quiet, but the next moment bullets are flying all around you.

But the song... it's amazing! Definitely on top 10 of my overall favourite songs of all time. Didn't like it in the beginning, but now I just love it.

We ARE all to blame.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

This song is so true, and I fricking LOVE it! We need more songs with a message like this. We need more people willing to put songs, poems, books, articles, and the like out with messages like this. Way to go guys!

rock... | Reviewer: amir | 11/29/07

Ehm...it is difference between another songs yet. The vocal has a rock voice as well.I think they need to combine their music with System 0f A Down band..

(: | Reviewer: Sylwia | 10/4/07

well,this is one of the most awesome songs I've ever heard! And it's the best of Sum 41 in my opinion. Sorry for mistakes can't speak English very well :P

Rocks | Reviewer: Kevin | 8/5/07

One of my best songs I have heard.... I love the message in the song it means alot to me! this song rocks!!!