My favourite band | Reviewer: mandy | 4/10/06

k sum 41 is my favourite they rock and this is one of their many awesome shit. yeah buy all their cds their amazing if u dont like them y the hell r u looking at their lyrics wow some one needs a life.

this song is hopeless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/06

Horrible song. Worst song ever written? Lyrics are dumb, tune is annoying. Overall, just a bad song. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, id give it a negative 27.

wow | Reviewer: Kriss | 2/5/06

..:D...the lyrics are just too good...
they sing it swell too :D
i just totally like it...
i like whats the meaning of the lyrics
Sum41 lyrics just picture MY life :D
Go sum41!!!

Awesome song | Reviewer: Bezza | 6/15/05

Didn't really like sum 41 that much,
then i heard this song,the lyrics are so incredible,and the album is a lot heavier than the last one
overall-just plain awesome

A great song!! | Reviewer: Asha | 4/20/05

I REALLY love this song, and everything about it. The first time i heard it i loved it.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Tiffanie | 12/24/04

I don't normally like Sum 41 but took a chance and bought the cd. This is one of the many songs on there that totally rock! I am so happy I bought it. The song is so true also! I'd recommend sending it to Bush but he might ban it and that wouldn't be cool. Anyway, but this cd! You won't be disapointed!

Even South Africa is into this | Reviewer: Kathleen | 10/22/04

Wow! the song is brilliant, i don't normally like Sum 41 but this song is very good, lyrically as well as musically.

Good Song | Reviewer: ABC | 10/13/04

Aren't they from Canada?
Anyway I saw a show about this video, and yeah, it's about War, and they also shot a documentary and got caught in a battle while they were doing it.

Good Song!

This IS America. | Reviewer: Guy | 10/11/04

When I first heard this song, I thought it rocked just for the music. After listening to the lyrics a few times, though, it's obvious that it's about our world and what we've done. I think it could be applicable to most of the world, but Sum 41 being from America I believe it's specifically us that he's singing about. They're absolutely right - we are all to blame for the state of the world these lsast few years, and it's going to take everyone to make sacrifices and hard choices before anything seriously changes for the better.

Analysis aside, this song rocks. Go buy it.

sum 41- we're all too blame | Reviewer: breanne b | 10/1/04

I think that this is the best song sum 41 has done other than "little know it all" with iggy pop. add me at