An era of dissent | Reviewer: Rick | 7/12/10

This is definitely one hell of a song, and extremely direct as well, as is clear with the reference to capitol hill.

All in all a powerful message, with a ridiculously addictive melody, I find myself listening to the intro over and over.

9/10 (only a 9 because the rest of lyrics couldn't really hold a candle to the grandiose intro.)

dont think so | Reviewer: scrub58 | 9/1/09

dude they're canadian (and canada-based for that matter)... it'd be kinda silly if they wrote a song about another country's politics. i know so because i'm not american myself, and quite frankly, couldn't care less about Bush or US politics in general.

Nonspecific meaning | Reviewer: Ace | 8/22/09

Yep, most likely considered political (I'm sick of politics and I'm sick of insults to Bush -- you think YOU can lead the country?), but like with most Sum 41 songs, the meaning is not fixed in stone. This can be interpreted a number of ways, most involving less-than-savory people being (essentially) damned to Hell. Literally. The band tends to make quite a lot of those religious references, referring often to God or to saviors and the like. I'm a Christian myself, so this ticks me off a lot, but to each his own.

Political Punk Rock | Reviewer: Des | 9/7/07

Political song like "March of the Dogs". George Bush is "The Jester" in this song. Its fun to play and sing to.