Reviews for Thanks For Nothing Lyrics

Performed by Sum 41

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two thumbs up | Reviewer: jp | 7/9/10

pretty good song, ive herd better but this is right up there. and people cannot compare this band to dragonforce because, while they have ok music, its not "heavy" its just some crazy asian playing around on the guitar. and sometimes thats ok. but this band is better because they not only focus on the music but the lyrics as well.

almost amazing | Reviewer: Tyler | 3/30/09

this is a great song,
and the solo is nice, but not the fastest,
i know they said its the fastest "they've" heard,
but the fastest i've heard is in much heavier songs,
and they're so much more amazing.

Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

Fastest guitar solo I've ever heard. This is easily my favorite Sum 41 song and might be my favorite song ever.

it's time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/07

i think it's time to write something to this song!

i think this a great song!!
i'm playin' that with my band!!

this for all the other guys that like like this song:
write something to that song!!

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