For the first comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/11

@lillie, I think your Mom is great and Im pretty sure that she isnt that old if she listens to this kind of music. Anyway I wanted to encourage you to always believe in Life and tell you that you are completely right, sum41 is awsome and there's not 1 song that you can dislike ;)

Not a song my Sum 41 that I don't like | Reviewer: lillie | 2/9/11

Sum 41 is my favorite band, there isn't ONE song I don't like by them. Since a baby I was raised by a single mom. who was and shal I say IS punk. :D ! She used to listen to music ALL the time and the music i recall the most is sum 41, blink 182, and limp bizkit. but mostly sum 41,, and it really grew on me, now im 13 and i ALWAYS listen to them and own a TON of their albums... so anyway// LOOOOOOOVE the band,.... LOOOOOOVE this song, it is my second favorite, my first favorite is "We're All To Blame"

Some Say ;; Sum 41 | Reviewer: Ashley | 9/6/10

I believe, that this band is one of the most incredible bands I have ever listened to. This song, amung all of their other songs is really good. I started listening to them because when I was younger, my older brother always forced me to watch HIS shows on t.v, listen to HIS radio station at home or in the car, and I never got to watch or listen to what I wanted unless mom was home.LOL. Sum 41 was his favourite band at the time and eventually it grew on me. It grew on me so much, that I still listen to it today, almost 10 years later. I guess that is the only thing I am thankfull for from my brother for doing that to me. Lol. I love Sum 41 for not only being the best band out there, but for being the music my brother chose to blast in my ears .. Im glad it was enjoyable music, and something I could relate to and listen to. I also love Sum 41 for pissing my brother off when he found out I actually liked Sum 41. Lol. Good times. Thank you Sum 41!

SUM 41 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/10

I always thought the song was about them growing as a band, musically. A lot of bands take flak for trying new things and are labeled sell outs. But like it says, " Some say, we're never meant to grow up, I'm sure they never knew enough." It's there response to those people who called them sellouts and dissed them. They are right, everyone grows up, even musicians. Would you rather listen to a group of guys who are in there 30's singing about teen angst?

I have been a fan of Sum 41 since I was 15, and they've evolved nicely from what they started out as. All the power to them. :)

Sum 41 4 ever! | Reviewer: Sum 42 | 5/4/08

I love that song dude! that's so cool but i never thinked that were so small \o/ (not so small has Machine Gun :P) whatever happens, the best band on my list top 10 it's Sum 41, i wait that they became the most popular band of the world, don't u think?


cool | Reviewer: Shadow | 5/4/08

i love that song, but i never thinked that were so small (not so small has machine gun \o/) well, whatever, i like the Sum 41, and i wait that they became the most popular band of the world!

Go Sum 41, Fuck them all!


damm.......great song | Reviewer: pat | 2/1/08

i love sum 41. i've listened to them since i was a little that im going through different things i lovve listen to this song to get me through those things..great song

sOme say *_____* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

I've just heard this sOng, and I lOve it!!
Actually it tells the truth*
I alsO love pieces, it's the best sum 41's song...(L)

Great tune, | Reviewer: Gus | 7/12/07

this song is a representation of what is right in a teenagers life. I think it should go down in history as this. The meaning of this song cannot be understood until you are truly teased, or forced into something, or bullied around. The meaning is unique to everyone, and for that, i love this song.

<<333 some say | Reviewer: sum 41 girl | 6/5/07

I love this
song and I love
Some say is some of the
best shit around