AWE SUM 41 !!! | Reviewer: jhelu007 | 5/8/07

this song actually helps u thru ur bad times ...I hv personally experienced it, I can relate to this song , and its an amazing song, another song I like a lot wud be pieces (its a masterpiece!!)

forget bad times and tell them i got over it! | Reviewer: fati | 3/25/07

i love SUM41 and espacialy this song cause it helps me forgeting the bad times and days and i can say to every 1 that hurted me i'am what i'am and i got over it!

old_listener | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/07

i've loved this song since i first heard it. its helped me through some really rough times, the song is just those 1 in a billion out there i think that can always change your mood no matter what. i've finally actually thought about what the song means and its to live life and not regret anything. well that's my takin on it. well thnx sum 41. later

Looking For Purpose | Reviewer: Devon | 2/19/07

I think this song describes the definition of "PEER PRESSURE" I'm A 15 Year old boy Looking for a REAL Relationship I go to TISS in Brockville. Devon Fowler.

Danielle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/06

I love this song, i can liston to it over and over again and not get sick of it! But the one bad thing is that it reminds me of my ex boyfrined but its fine because it almost saying yeah fuck off. You have much lovin here!

helped | Reviewer: chris | 4/1/06

well, this song always helps me out when im mad, my family is always down my back, and when i lisntin to this song, i feel good and loosened up...i luv sum41, there my fav band, and this song should go down in history, cause it helps, and its also one of my favs

Some Say | Reviewer: Kelsey | 2/27/06

I realy like the song SOME SAY because talks about that you can be yourself.It's like reminding you of people.

Some Say | Reviewer: debby | 12/25/05

this song reminds me of peer pressure. "Some say we're never meant to grow up. I'm sure they never knew enough I know the pressures won't go Away".

Its telling you that its like okay to me yourself and that you shouldnt always follow your friends=). besides theyre Canadian, which is an added bonus!

Amazing | Reviewer: Katelyn | 7/25/05

I love this song. Sum 41 has and always will have deep lyrics with a catchy tune that causes it to get stuck in your head. + they are Canadian!