We are friends 4ever | Reviewer: Nelson Sinxit 4m Nagaland(India) | 11/9/12

This song reminds me of the day we were together. Now he's gone away.I've never heard anything from him.Missing him everyday i walk the placed we used to play.Listening to this song makes me emotional.This song and i miss u by Blink 182 are the best songs and thanks Sum 41. .

I remember her. | Reviewer: Aguangchibou | 6/29/12

This song realy reminds of someone whom i long for so long. When'ver i heard this song i just start reminiscing her. And it help me remembering of evrythng i felt for her & of evrything which she said to me. And this very gloomyday i mis her alot. Thankyou sum41.

my sorrow | Reviewer: Wendy | 2/22/12

since this school year i've lost my bestfriend just because that she had got a new friend,she alwys ignores me.i like this song because we(my bestfriend and me) was always listenning to that those two last years.....so when i miss her i just listen to "so long goodbye".this song means everything for me!!!!

RIP Holly James | Reviewer: kingsley | 5/18/11

this so just reminds me of the friend i lost at christmas. the lyrics pretty much say it all for me. 'You've left us now but we're not alone' - we all know that she is here with us in our hearts and we will see her when the time comes. rest in paradise lovely ♥

Thanks. | Reviewer: wannabe_rockstar | 10/7/08

This song is going to be my nomination for the senior class song at my school this year. Thanks for having these lyrics. This song reminds me of leaving high school, and what's going to happen in the years to come.

graduation song | Reviewer: class 07 | 12/3/07

in the beginning no one wanted this song for our grad song 07 but after we all listen to it we all loved and it fit the occasion so well i dont thing that there could have been a better song for us to use thatnks sum 41 xo love class of 07

Thanks | Reviewer: Kevin Dela Cruz [[ KayC ]] | 11/23/07

Thank you for the lyric upload.This song, as do many others, replay my moments of the times that used to make me happy the most. All of that is gone now, and what was left was pain. I will be using these lyrics in my gig tonight. Thank you.

i miss him.. | Reviewer: xxSweetgirlxx | 11/19/07

i love this song...its the best..it was the best way of saying goodbye to my boyfriend when he left for college..i love him n miss him alot..we still talk and i rairly see him anymore

We will miss u | Reviewer: Kelsey Blackett | 9/13/07

This song i say should be to dovon i was listening to this song wen i found out he passed away i will always miss him and i no if i look up at the stars i will think of him he is like my son<3 he is only 5 yrs old and i miss him soo bad this song reminds me of his death everytime<33
we will miss u dovon<3