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Performed by Sum 41

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WOW | Reviewer: Afton | 8/14/05

I can totally relate to this song! Yeah, i don't really like sum41 but this song is awesome. Anyone would like it.

so fuckin awesome | Reviewer: rinax | 8/2/05

this song is the bomb! i never actually like sum 41 but yeah, been listening it almost 15 times today (lol, i think the record is starting to broke) but yeah, soo great! A MUST LISTEN TOO!!!

?!?! | Reviewer: Doris | 7/31/05

hi, i´m german and my english is not good! i think the new single from sum41 is soo good! Please write me, if you search a german email-friend!
I´m 15 and a nice girl!
Please write me!

HEY IMA GUY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/05

hey i love sum 41 n in gay i want to hav anal sex wit all of them n suck thier dicks n put thier dicks in my ass n them let them suck my dick n im jackin off to a pictuer of them ryte now oh god my dick is so fukkin big i want SUM 41 rite now in my bed naked especially jason u sexy guy i want ur lips on ma dick n ur dick up ma ass n den my dick will be up your ass n we will all fuck all night long

pieces and sum41 | Reviewer: sum 41 is the best band ever | 5/16/05

SUM 41 ROCKS!!!! so if you don't like them....well you suck..thats the only way to put it....all thier other songs are awesome also, such as the Hell Song. by the way, cone, stevo, and dave rule too...not just deryck ...sry.

KIKN ASSZ =) | Reviewer: asha | 4/20/05

OOh yeah this song is soooo totally awesome i LOVE it i cant GET ENOUGH

Awesomeeeeeee | Reviewer: Angie | 4/18/05

this is the best song ive heard in a while
awesome job by deryck!!!!! best voice and soooooo hot!!!! =D

Awsom | Reviewer: Secret LOver | 4/3/05

the best song yet, these guys just keep it coming! and im soooo in luv with dyrick

AWESOME! | Reviewer: Shannon | 3/29/05

Hey Sum 41 rocks! I love the new song "pieces". It's amazing. I love the lyrics, the video, every thing. SUM 41 ROCKS. I LOVE THEM.
xo hottayss

THE BEST IVE HEARD IN A WHILE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/05

This song is awesome.......when i first heard it it was so tru for me and the video is awsome......

Awesome song!! | Reviewer: Evie | 1/24/05

Sum 41 has always ruled and with their new song "peices" they rock even the video is awesome..and Derek is sooooooooooooooooooo hot *drools* hehe ^_^ Check it out you'll love it!!! and if your already a Sum 41 fan then you rule!! :P

Pieces by Sum 41 | Reviewer: Lisa | 1/18/05

Love this song.. first time I heard it on Much Music I fell in love, the lyrics are really powerful and meaningful .. a song I can really relate to, I love it.... I have never really liked a lot of Sum 41 songs, but this one is great!


Wow. | Reviewer: G | 1/7/05

I had been searching for the lyrics for the song from the first time I heard it, and since I've found them, I find them to be insightful to me and they make a lot of sense to those that just are tired of trying to be what everyone else wants them to be.

i liked it since the fist time.. | Reviewer: Zuz | 11/13/04

Oh. Even if i like just some songs from sum 41.. but this's the favorite one. First time i heard this song on the radio.. and i fel in love with this song.. i this it's lyrics falt! LOL. really good song..

Pieces | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/04

Simply put, this song is super awesome. its one of my all time favorite songs. And as to the new cd, Chuck, it is by far the best cd put out by sum 41, better than the new blink and greenday cd in my opinion.

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