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Performed by Sum 41

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Being Perfect's Too Hard | Reviewer: Anonymous Screw-Up | 7/5/09

I've messed up really bad too many times and then I decided to try to fix my life, but no matter how hard I tried, it was just so much easier to be myself (a dictionary example of a mistake, screw-up, failure, and the rest). I look at this song kinda like an apology to my parents for being a screw-up. I don't like to hurt them, but like the song says, it just wasn't worth it.

It's hard to take it | Reviewer: taiwanese | 6/27/09

my girlfriend told me that she fell in love with a boy, I can't blame them, the only thing I can do is to accept it, though it's hard. Everyone is perfect but me, I didn't treat her well, what's worse, I ignored her. I hate myself, and now I just want to be better.

men. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/09

my ex-boyfriend just asked me to listen to this song.... geez could he get any clearer with a msg?? why are boys so anti just being friends.. everytime we meet its either crazy sex or just a massive screaming bitter fight.. this song doesnt make any fucking sense at all.. either he wants me or he hates me. 'better of without me'?? how can i suddenly not matter at all..? its all fucked up..

Love this song :'[ | Reviewer: Katy-Jo | 5/27/09

OMG Denise You basically explained my life ! xD

this song relates to me so well, i try my hardest, but nothing is ever good enough for anyone, not even myself.

When i heard this verse:
'This place is so empty,
My thoughts are so tempting,
I don’t know how it got so bad.
Sometimes it’s so crazy,
that nothing can save me,
But it’s the only thing that I have.'

I Was litteraly speachless .
My life is so empty, 'cause i seem to push everyone away, and then when i need them, they arent there.
The thoughts part and 'Its the only thing that i have' I hold onto my dreams, and i belive that i can achive them if i try hard enough, but if i didnt have those dreams, i probally wouldnt be here, i want them to come true so bad, that i'll never give up, and theyre the only things i keep going for .

respect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/09

DJ, You 're totally clear and right. I always loved that song, but when things started to go from bad to worse just found myself crying while listening to it. And i totally agree with you all, too, shit happens, we must get over it, and survive till things get better somehow. Respect to sum 41 for the songs, they are truly great.

there's a but | Reviewer: Yoeri | 1/10/09

there's is a wrong thing in this context! (if you want to be perfect, tell yourself i am perfect, and don't tell yourself i try to be perfect). everybody is perfect in his or her own way!! so screw everyone who is wanted to change you!

Stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

It's never really worth it to be perfect, and this song does a great job of pointing that out. Nothing I've ever done has been perfect, and I've come to terms with that. When you try to be perfect, you're only trying to impress someone/yourself, but I don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Frankly, I could care less who got straight A's on their report card or who scored the most touchdowns. It all comes down to what makes you happy. I'm happy with just sitting myself down on the couch and enjoying my favorite past time, just chillin.

its weird how songs relate to life sometimes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/08

this song relates to like, both of my past gf's, cause in both of them, i tried as hard as i could, and, by any standards, i feel i did damn well, i mean, i would have slvaed myself to death to make them happy, but, they never were...and by the end of our relationship, i was at my wits end trying to make things work well, and make them happy, even though i wasnt...and, then, when i get depressed caus ei feel like a failure cause i cant make them happty and i do something foolish, its like, none of what i did for them matters at all, i dunno, i guess i kinda feel..i dunno...i cant put a name on it, but, i know that a majority of me is still in love with my last gf, but, a small bit of me is singing this song to her...

reply to Denise | Reviewer: Scott | 10/24/08

Yeah, I completely know how you feel, because I think you not only summed up your problem, but i think you summed up alot of other peoples problems as well, wheather they want to admit so or not. Thanks for posting that, as you made me realise what i do and what for, so yeah, someone read it, and it meant alot.

o.o | Reviewer: Denise | 9/21/08

Whoa... This song can totally relate to my life.

'I tried to be perfect,
But nothing was worth it'

I always tried to do my best for my family, but it wasn't worth it, since they barely care.

'I don’t believe it makes me real.
I thought it’d be easy,
But no one believes me,
I meant all the things I said.'

I don't believe that anything I do makes me real, I really thought that it'd be easy, But no one believes me, Everyone always thought I was lying.

'If you believe it's in my soul,
I’d say all the words that I know,
Just to see if it would show,
That I'm trying to let you know,
That I’m better off on my own.'

No one belives I got any guts or any stuff like that, always bringing my hopes down, instead of supporting me. I tried saying as much as I could, just to see if it would show that I'm trying to let everyone know that I just wanna be alone.

'This place is so empty,
My thoughts are so tempting,
I don’t know how it got so bad.
Sometimes it’s so crazy,
that nothing can save me,
But it’s the only thing that I have.'

My Life always feels so empty, it used to feel well... right. I always think of running away but yet I feel that it ain't worth it... I don't know how it turned out to be this way. Sometimes I just hope, dream and wish so much but nothing ever happens... But's it's the only thing that I have. My Hope... Dreams... Determination.

'Nothing could ever be so wrong.
It’s hard to believe me,
It never gets easy,
I guess I knew that all along.'

My Life always seemed to be perfect... It's hard to believe what I say, It's never easy to gain trust, even from my very own family... I guess I knew that all along.

Whoa... Some of us have really messed up lifes, huh?...

I don't know if I was being clear on how that relates to My Life... But if anyone even read this, Thanks a Bunch.

Yeah.. | Reviewer: Amy | 9/14/08

this song's amazing. it sounds good, and I think just about everyone on the planet can relate. you try to be perfect (I hate repeating that line but I got nothing else =p), crap happens, but you get over it.

but yeah, sum 41 songs always have good lyrics you can relate to =]

me! | Reviewer: s.o.m.e.o.n.e | 8/29/08

omg this song describes my life perfectly! i cant believe it! its just like me and brings me to tears everytime i hear it!
"i tried to be perfect, but nothing was worth it"
THATS ME! XD even my friends agree!

related songs | Reviewer: Mestd up kid | 8/10/08

hey if you guys like and can relate to this song...check out Mest's album "Destination Unknown" and the next album with Jaded in it. There are alot of good name some; Until i met you, reason, 2000 miles, "lost,broken,confused",

Also The Used have some good songs such as "Blue and yellow" and "on my own."

The band MEST is currently organizing a "reunion tour" starting in september 2008. Check out their Myspace for more info @

hope you guys enjoy the music if you're feeling under the cloud.

D.J. answer | Reviewer: Numenorien | 7/30/08

You're pefectly clear D.J, and i agree with you, totaly :) It's the same way in a lot of songs i listened before and now. Just try to survive, life could seen (been?) beter.

(Sorry for my English, not perfect.. either ;x)

pieces | Reviewer: D.J | 6/28/08

Sometimes you listen to songs without really looking deep into the lyrics and trying to understand what the song is about . But when serious stuff happens to you , you suddenly realize that you can truly relate to the song . You realize you were listening to this song all this time when things were good and now that things have gone bad you see that you can now relate to the lyrics . I dont know if im clear ?

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