This song definitely is a very good reason to buy the album! | Reviewer: Parra | 2/1/14

This song was in Fantastic Four? O_O Really? I mean, it was my favourite movie when I was younger, but when I stumpeled over this song just a few days ago, I didn't felt like ever have listened to it before. Hm.
But, actually, it was because of this song that I bought the album as my first Sum 41 album. I'm really glad I found out about this group half a year ago, with the song "Over my head". Though this one may be my favourite song of them. I love it.

<3 <3 <3 IT!!! | Reviewer: AGI411 | 10/21/12

I absolutely love this song and the way they put it on the snowboarding clip in Fantastic 4!!! It was hilarious!! and now every time i listen to this song, i always think of the scene!!! :P

Awesome!! | Reviewer: Lee | 6/24/12

First, I have a habit of downloading all the albums from a band if I like a few songs, I love in too deep, fat lip and hell song by sum 41. Just heard this song after a long hard chat to stop my girlfriend and I breaking up, and this song is awesome!! Probably my favourite by sum!!

Song Is Immense!!! | Reviewer: Alex | 2/11/11

So is the album... I know it was out ages ago but I listened to the album a few days (After I found it in the attic, I moved 2 years ago and it got pack away) and this song is on it and it is great!!!!

awesomeness | Reviewer: mady | 1/10/11

i didn't hear this from fantastic four, but i think i might have to see that movie now... it must be pretty bad ass if it was worthy to contain content from sum 41... just sayin :P but like actually, this song makes my life complete

F4Sun41 | Reviewer: Rebekkah | 3/11/09

Yeah I was watching the movie and then i just had to know what the song was. When i checked it i relized it was by Sum41 which my friend is actually adicted too so now i'll have to go admit sh was completely right about after telling no band could possibly be as good as she was describing them!!!

Fantastic Four? | Reviewer: Rune | 8/19/08

Yeah, so I'm guessing from the comments here that this song was in Fantastic Four, which I haven't seen. I heard this when I was downloading "No Reason"; I clicked the wrong button and accidentally downloaded the entire album, which had this. And it rocks; it ties with No Reason as my favourite song on Chuck.

sum41 cd | Reviewer: danny | 10/29/07

i've heard this song since the cd came out about 4 years ago. you should get the whole cd if you like this song...

this song rocks hard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/07

this song gets me crunk like right before i start my motocross race or when im snowboardin like in the movie fantatstic four thats a coinsedence

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

i also heard this song in the movie and it was great but nobody knows the song and in need one week to find out

Great song | Reviewer: Pat | 7/22/07

Like mostly everyone I heard this from Fantastic Four...while watching the snowboard part I heard this and I had to find it out.

Loved it! | Reviewer: Sandy | 7/13/07

Like basically everyone here I heard this song while watching Fantastic Four and I loved it. I knew right away that it was Sum 41. Love it ^_^

gangsta | Reviewer: lil lady | 7/11/07

i luv the song it is so good i saw fantastic four and i was like i gatta know wat song this is so i found it and now i listen to it everyday it is the best song in the whole wide world and i luv it so if u hate this song bakk off haters dont hate tha player hate tha game!!

AWESOME | Reviewer: christina | 6/30/07

i'm like in LOVEEEE with fantastic four so i've seen it a million times and every time in the snowboarding part i'd hear that and just fell in love with this songgg!
so i looked it up on the internet and noww it's my default myspace song.
okay moment over.
this is a good song<3

pretty cool | Reviewer: mike | 6/19/07

yeah¡ i really like this one as every song of sum 41...the were awesome