AT | Reviewer: AT | 2/3/12

It reminds me a such important person in my life, in fact, she was everything. I miss her and this song describes perfectly how I feel about the empty space she left in my life.

no review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/09

I think this song could possibly about drugs or addiction cuz at the begging it says he needs this to get he through, he cant resist, he doesnt know if he wants to sounds like an addiction he likes his alchohol or drugs but he knows he 'needs' it and he doesnt want to quit.

best song in the world | Reviewer: Taylor | 5/18/09

This song has to be the best song sum 41 has ever made... The lyrics are amazing it's just not random words they mean some thing unlike some songs and bands these days... A lot of people can relate to them... To bad there arnt more bands like sum 41....

COOOOOOOOL | Reviewer: ?no one knows no one will know? | 11/11/07

Ok this song is the best and when i heard it was in my friends party and when it went on half the lights switched of but i still think sum1 switched of the lights...........

-good song- | Reviewer: DAVE | 5/4/07

I listen this song when i'm on the road and it's windy and rainy like crazy. I love it.