Sum 41 pushes their boundaries | Reviewer: Oggish | 2/13/09

I just love the solos in this song. And the ending is pretty cool even though some people dislike it and just want regular songs that end with the chorus and an outro that sounds like the intro. This song is really different from any other Sum 41 song. I didn't really like it from the start but now i love it. Also the riff before the "Losing control" outro reminded me of Metallica's song "One". But it's completely different from any Sum 41 i have ever heard.
I love it.

there are no bad sum 41 songs! | Reviewer: Adam | 11/18/08

in reply to natalie, which one of their songs are poorly written?!?! it doesnt exist! I can honestly say that every single one of their songs are incredible! especially 88, the hell song, hooch and... well all of them :) Sum 41 are amazing!

my favourite sum41 songs | Reviewer: Marko | 10/31/08

There were 5 albums i have bought in my entire life guess what they were all sum41`s only they deserve it ^^. Well anyways theyr songs are so great that i learned to sing and partially play 25 of them, my favourites are: 88, with me, over my head (better off dead), im not the one, still waiting, no brains and no reason. Well any way i look at them theyr the best especially Deryck without him there would be no sum41 to start with. Rock on boys!

88 | Reviewer: natalie | 7/25/08

this is absolutly one of their best songs. i honestly think that chuck is one of thier best albums. it has their best songs put into this CD and are always perfoormed brilliantly. 60000000 thumbs up!!!! ;) this band is capable of so much and they don't always put in all their effort onto a single song. but the few poorly written ones only make you love songs they've written like this more. i've been listning to sum41 for quite some time now and they are deffinatly my favorite band of all time. and they have some of the best songs of all time, too.

I very satisfaction with this song | Reviewer: Irham | 12/3/07

When i was hearing this songs, i feel relax and my bad mod lost suddenly....
I hope sum41 will be making the other great songs like this songs.

amazingg! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

I f^*&#@$% love this song....
It gives a whole look outlook on sum 41 in a postitive way.
It shows what they can do to their full potential.
Amazing song.
One of my most played songs on itunes along with slipping away and pieces.

words of wisdom | Reviewer: mel | 7/4/07

deryck himself said "it was the last song i wrote on that album, it just made it in and its probably rhe most creative song on that record. i remember thinking this that is the direction we want to go in, it's more artistic and its more creative and its bushing the boundaries of what sum41 can mean. i wanted to take different kinds of music, break it apart, put it back to together and make it something new"
he doesnt write songs for the sake of it this is his life style and he puts meaning into his songs.

Great 88 | Reviewer: Grozzy | 5/17/07

This song really didn't do much for me the first time I heard it...I was trained on the old Sum 41 that I came to know and love, but Chuck was something totally different. The whole album (to me) sounds like it was written purely out of frustration and angst towards the changing musical world. With all this emo crap springing up, God knows what kind of plague it will have on mainstream music. (Not saying Sum 41 is emo, they don't conform, it's called punk rock)...anyway, 88 is definitely growing on me as one of the most well written songs Sum 41 has ever created, not the best, but wonderfully written and performed. Their metal influence is showing more than ever, but they still know how to rock it like punks. Great job. Great song. Great album...awesome closer to Chuck.

A song worth listening to | Reviewer: rals | 2/20/07

Well, I don't think that Sum 41 have many songs that are so meaningful and make you understand the text and the music with it. I know that this is not their best song but yet i think it worths listening to. Enjoy it!

I"m Losing control | Reviewer: Static | 9/5/06

A great line for the song, 88 is a perfect example for the what this band, is REALLY capable of doing, it has a great chorus, great soloing, amazing drum parts, and, on top of all that, they use an acoustic guitar, and a piano, to add a more sour tone to the song, and, all the way through, it shows what can be done, this band has grown up a lot since All Killer No Filler, Although, none of us can forget In Too Deep, and Fat Lip, but, the song Nothing On My Back from that album revealed something to me, that this band can really write incredible songs, and then, does This look INfected showed me they can really play their instruments, i hope you feel the same way as i do, the band has just become one of my more personal favorites, i know, i do give a good review of the band, i know