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Performed by Suicidal Tendencies

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yeah | Reviewer: Matt | 4/15/08

i first heard the senses fail version
and i didnt hear it on guitar hero
its on Tony Hawks American Wasteland
which is better :D

realy bloomin awesum song

its like just coz i dont do much dont mean im on drugs


love the song :D:D:D

well | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/08

first time i heard this song was by sense fail when i was in 7th grade about 4 years ago
and my science teacher heard me singing it and she was surprised i knew it and she showed me who really sang it
and well i searched it
good song
its true about guitar hero
shits getting out of hand
suddenly all the hoodrats act like they know shit about music
ill probably get hit by a car any way

wtf? | Reviewer: cali | 2/26/08

no, the original last line is about insurance. the guitar hero version says something about a damn car hitting him, but the original says "doesn't matter, the insurance money's about to run out anyhow *laugh*"

i dont like how the song is suddenly SO POPULAR because of guitar hero. nothing against the game, it's fun to play and it's interesting to hear different versions of great songs... but damn. half the kids today dont even know who the sex pistols are. you say sucidal tendencies and they automatically say INSTITUTIONALIZED! but i'll bet they can't name a single other song from the band. i'm not trying to bash today's generation, i'm 17 myself, but there is a distinct lack of originality with almost everything. it's almost as if guitar hero is nothing more than a desperate attempt to bring attention to the fact that today's "rock" just flat-out sucks. the classics are still just as amazing and timeless as they've always been, but can you think of one outstanding rock song from, say, 2003? the only thing that comes to mind are numerous pop songs from sell-out wannabes like n*sync and christina aguilara. where are they now? nobody knows right? but members of Rage Against the Machine formed the rock group Audioslave, so they're still around, lord knows Ozzy's still popular, and Tom Morello even has his own little solo part on Guitar Hero 3. i'm done ranting now... sorry for taking up your time.

just so you know.
i am in class.
and i have a lobster right next to me.
i think he's sexy.
the end.

My best interests? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/08

I hear ppl talk about how they're acting in my best interests all the time. WTF do they know, I'm and an adult, and they've never been institutionalized.

One time, when I was playing ping pong, I asked my opponent "what did they do to you to make you this way?" His reply "They raped my soul."

Anyone whose ever had their soul raped knows how it feels.

Still, its a fun song to sing at karaoke, just a little bit easier than "The end of the world as we know it by REM.

World Gone To Hell | Reviewer: xst | 1/25/08

Apparently everyone on the Internet today is 12 years old. I was skateboarding to this song at 14 years old when it was brand new. Jesus Christ the world has sold out.. Guitar Hero 2? Next thing you know this song will be on a Pepsi commercial .. during a break from American Idol. Kill me now please.

this song rocks | Reviewer: alfa | 12/17/07

yeah i got that new guitar hero legends of rock. it rocks. but yeah i heard this song for the first time on guitar hero and its hella fun to play. tooo bad it wasnt on gh3 cuz of battle mode.its the song we battle alot on gh2 but gh3 battle mode is freakin fun. anyone played gh3 and ya'll know their already workin on gh4 red octane and someone else is going to work on it

def mobb<---------------alfdogg

ME | Reviewer: Jessica | 11/29/07

hey i first heard this song on guitar hero and i liked it. well a lot of my new favorite songs were on guitar hero. has anyone got Legion of Rock, or how ever it is spelled?

sick song | Reviewer: colin c. | 11/27/07

the lyrics are so awsome and funny. and sadly, quite a few of us can realy relate to them."Well you know if you want to talk about it I'll be here you know and you'll probably feel a lot better if you talk about it. Why don’t you talk about it?" god, it seems like ST is quoting my

by the way,anyone else first here this song on guitar hero 2? :P

XD | Reviewer: Axel | 11/24/07

This song is SSSOOOOOOOOOOOO fun to play on guitar hero. Thats where I first heard it. I heard parts of it and thought it was funny. Yeah. I find it ironic that the whole song is the guy talking bout his problems, yet he mentions in the song several times he doesnt want to talk abuot it and he pretty much wants people to leave him the F alone. XD lol.

yall don't know.. | Reviewer: Kailee | 11/20/07

When I was institutionalized, I felt the EXACT same way. I'm sure everyone does that are. Well, i wish i had this song to show my rentals beforehand.

nice | Reviewer: bobby | 11/12/07

this song rocks
I heard SEnses Fails version on American Wasteland then did some research and found the video.. which i had on my myspace for a couple of months then i took it off.. but yea anyways I think im gonna put this on my profile once i get home

Whoa.. | Reviewer: Sara | 10/20/07

This is a great song, shows a point to.
My mom bugs me ALL the time about drugs and if Im okay and shit.
I showed her these lyrics and she said she was sorry. :]
Thanks again Music <3

Error | Reviewer: Sandy | 10/22/07

You got the last line wrong. It's " It doesn't matter, I'll probably get hit by a car anyway."

Best song | Reviewer: Johnny | 9/26/07

This is the greatest song ST ever made, I tried to do it with my band. Right now we pretty much have the music down, it's the lyrics that kill us. No one we know can say those lyrics that fast without messing up.

Institutionalized Review | Reviewer: Jonathan | 9/25/07

I Could Only Say That This Song Is Funny As Hell,
At Frist I Heard Bits Of It And Started Laughing Alot
From The Tempo And Words.
Then When I Got The Rest Of The Lyrics From The Internet
It Got Thought The Pepsi Part Was The Funniest Shit In The
World.Plus I Related To It Cause My Mom Used To Do The
Exact Same,I'd Ask Her Something And She'd Look At Me
Weird And Say "You're On Drugs!!".It Was Just Alergize's!!

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