so true | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/1/07

this song is so true, i can realte to every word they are singing here. unfortunately we all know his intentions....

WOW | Reviewer: Erica | 12/24/06

This song makes me cry everytime i hear it. I just really relate to it and I know that there really is a Pretty Girl inside all of us....we just dont want to show it..

Pretty Girl | Reviewer: Kayleigh | 10/14/06

This song is so awesome. It has such feeling in the lyrics and the tune is purely beautiful. I love all Sugarcult songs but this one is clearly my favourite just because it shows the contrast between love and falling too fast

there a soooooo good!!!!!! | Reviewer: m.bicknell | 1/19/06

I love their song pretty girl my wife burned me a cd and it had them on it and I'm going tommorrow to buy the whole cd. but they are such a great band and I love rocking out to them!