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Performed by Streetlight Manifesto

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Wow, dumb, | Reviewer: Devin | 4/18/10

'This song IS about suicide, but its also about a girl commiting a crime.
"looking through the paper today, looking for a specific page, i dont wanna find her full name followed by dates"
Aparently, this girl, Annie, has done somthing wrong and wants to kill herself before she gets caught. But this guy says shell help her to get away from the problem at hand.'

Dude an obituary is that exact thing. It has its own page, with each person and their name and picture, and their DOB and their date of death.

Kalnoky said this song is about loving someone who wants to commit suicide. Grow up and realize that the singer said the song is about that.

read it like it is | Reviewer: Twohizzle | 3/25/10

the song is this: Annie is considering taking her life because of all the pressure she feels and her thought that she can not and will not get life "right" and the person singing the song is saying i will help you thru this in whatever way you need me to because i care while he also tells various stories that explain annies circumstances

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/10

I don't think the girl in this song comitted a crime. "Don't wanna find her full name followed by dates" rather means that the speaker does not want to find a death notice with the girl`s name in the paper. A death note usually contains the name of the dead person, the date of birth, and the date of death.
I also think that this song is not only about suicide as many of you say. It shows something about love as well. The speaker's love is extremely strong. It becomes most apparent in the last paragraph. I could write a lot more about this, but I have better things to do than trying to convince people of my opinion.
Especially if there are too many who write stuff like "Any arguments to this are just wrong."

suicide and a crime | Reviewer: Jay | 1/29/10

This song IS about suicide, but its also about a girl commiting a crime.
"looking through the paper today, looking for a specific page, i dont wanna find her full name followed by dates"
Aparently, this girl, Annie, has done somthing wrong and wants to kill herself before she gets caught. But this guy says shell help her to get away from the problem at hand.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Birdy | 1/23/10

I love how this song is just amazing, horns, guitar, vocals lyrics, everything. I lov how it all blends together to make a brilliant tune, there's highs, lows, tension and release with vocals leading the song and the insruments driving it forward... another awesome Streetlight song

Bathe 7& Hunt | Reviewer: Anonymouse | 1/7/10

I love this song, specifically the lines:

"I'll start the engine but I can't take this ride for you
I'll draw your bath and I'll load your gun
But I hope so bad that you're bathe and hunt"

He's saying that he'll support her whatever decisions she makes, but he hopes that she'll chose to live

perfect perfect perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

Yes it's about suicide, it's about A girl, Annie, who wants to kill herself, and the singer saying hey no, don't do that, for all these reasons. But he can't stop her, no matter what, that's why he's hoping that she'll bathe and hunt. He'd do anything he could to help her, she just needs to ask. It's not an argument for suicide, it shows the problem with it-you're ignoring the people that love you.
Specifically the line Annie says "If everyone has someone else, then I ain't got nobody's love to save me" shows how selfish it is-as she's saying it to someone who does love her and would do anything to keep her in this world, even if it means sending her away. You're all fuckwits if you think it's not about or in favor of suicide.

Here's to Life | Reviewer: Killer Snails | 12/15/09

This song is most certainly about suicide.
"I'll draw your bath and I'll load your gun/ but I hope so bad that you'll bathe and hunt"
Any arguments to this are just wrong.
Sure, the song is also about a relationship, but at the core it is about falling on your sword.

Thirty Shmirty | Reviewer: Carrie | 10/5/09

This is to the anonymous poster who is "knocking on the door of 30". Don't sell yourself short, man. GO TO THE SHOWS! Everyone else there is either too drunk or too into the music to even CARE about your age. It isn't as if there's a "30" embossed on your forehead.
Hope to see you at some shows!
Carrie (26)

yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/09

This song is amazing. and if you can't tell it's about suicide you're a fool. one piece of evidence, Look at the chorus. "so you're tired of living, and you feel giving up well dont. it's not your time" why the hell would you ever say that to a girl you messed up with?

A message from the future you... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/09

I got into Catch22 shortly after the release of Keasby while I was in high school (do the math).

I'm now knocking on the door of 30, and while I admit I grew tired of ska and my musical tastes expanded from there, I never seem to grew tired of listen to Tomas pour his heart and soul into his music.

Keasby is the only CD I've purchased legally more than once (4 times total). I'd kill to see them live again for the first time in 10 years, but who the hell wants to be the old guy at the ska show? I used to make fun of that guy...

Anyway, after reading a lot of the comments on here I just want to say as a certified loser in high school, we all think of offing ourselves at one point or another. The feelings will pass eventually, and you'll forget all about it in time.
Keep your chins up little fuckers, 'cause it's a big wide world and you ain't seen enough of it to judge, yet.

a short rant | Reviewer: the dude | 8/22/09

To the person who doesn't think this about suicide because of the last lines, the reason she is saying forget me is because when somebody kills themselves they are gone forever,except in memory, any way he couldn't stand not having her in his life so he hopes she doesn't kill herself. Another thing is just because its about killing ones self doesn't mean it is emo. It might just be me but I think it is so annoying when people just say something is emo because it has to do with suicide. If that's all emo was well there would be no emos left so that obviously isn't it. Streetlight is SKA not emo. Final thought streetlight is awesome and so is this song.

Hah. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/09

I love how none of the commenters in here have the balls to comment on the MUSIC of the song (which, I think, is Streetlight's stronger front).

The horn section in this, and all Streetlight songs, blows me away, just because of how it is used in so many ways. The genre-flipping is so very smooth, which shows that Tomas is a guy who doesn't only know the different genres he's playing with (ska, classical, rock, etc) but he understands their inner workings to the point where he can take the frayed end of one, and seamlessly attach it to another.

Also; yes. The song is about suicide. Now calm down. It doesn't matter what a song is about. The fact that this song is about suicide means about as much to me as if it was about bees. And I Love Bees.
What matters more is the lyricist's presentation of the subject matter, and how he handles certain aspects of the subject. I think that Streetlight is brilliant in how they approach questions like suicide with the understanding of how helpless a person is to someone else's wishes.
If you want to kill yourself, I can't stop you. Hate to beat the dead horse, but lines 47-48 hit this point well.

I've gotta say, for ska, appealing to us younger generations, Streetlight handles most stuff tastefully.

Great Tune | Reviewer: Neo Jerk | 6/15/09

So this was the first song I heard by them (a live version from the Ska is Dead comp), and it really turned me on to them. It's true that Kalnoky talks alot about his aversion to suicide, but it's always tasteful and thoughtful (check out the lyrics to "Here's to Life").

sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/09

the comment below me is right. i mean. i can see how its about suicide because he's saying she shouldn't kill herself because she loves him so much. you know? streetlight is really good, almost too good to the point where all the "emo fucks" and scene kids listen to them.

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