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Performed by Stone Sour

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i feel | Reviewer: jean | 12/9/07

the world needs not bother- if we all had open season and a voice to protest then we'd take time with a wounded hand would'nt we?

Bother - A Classic | Reviewer: Addy | 6/25/07

This song will touch everyone in one way or another. As a fan from the early Slipknot days, I am glad to see that Corey finally is allowed to unleash his talent.

Stone Sour - Bother | Reviewer: Brian Neil | 4/28/07

As a major fan of Stone Sour this is one of my favourites from the band. Stone Sour being called a side-project isn't fair. They were created before Slipknot but got pushed a-side. Now they've rocketed with their latest album "Come What(ever) May". This song being written for the Spiderman Album (Also released in their self-titled album) in pretty quick succession and performed by Corey Taylor proves this man is a genius.

Wow In A Good Way | Reviewer: Possibly A Human | 3/18/07

I REALLY like Slipknot, they're my fav band. I also liked Through The Glass by that mysterious band Stone Sour. When I heard it was Taylor from teh maggots I almost did a backflip. This song proves that, while Corey can make metal and loud music sound amazing (Not all loud stuff is good), he can make absolutely beautiful songs like this.

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/07

this is one of my favorite songs, i definitely love it. go stone sour, go slipknot, go corey taylor!

they rocks | Reviewer: slave | 9/29/06

almost like a vermilion part 2 but good to listen too

Great Listen | Reviewer: xPepx | 8/24/06

Being a fan of Slipknot, I support Corey Taylor through his music. I first heard this song not long ago, finally bought the CD and this song shows Corey Taylor (Lead Singer of Slipknot) in a new light - and face. Unmasked and this song truly does touch my heart. I play this song on repeat a lot, and it was well worth my money. Keep up the good work, guys! Of course, the other songs on the album are equally as good. But because this song is SO different it's something very special. Please take your time and listen to this song - Corey really is something amazing. Stone Sour have enough to survive not just as a side project of Taylor, along side Jim Root (one of the guitarists in Slipknot) this band will go far. A true band. Keep rocking and I support you the whole way, dudes!

AWESOME!!!! | Reviewer: Carol | 3/13/06

This song seriously ROCKS! One of my favorites & certainly worth the download...I think I'm buying the CD just based on this tune!!

WOW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/05

OMG !!! this one rox! just when I thought I won't be hearing more songs like Slipknot's "Circle" my friend introduced me to Stone Sour and this song.

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