What A Blessing of A Man" | Reviewer: Toni B.J. Ruffin | 8/12/13

I'd like to take the opportunity to say to this God Ordained Artist of a MAN, that He's touched my life over the years with lyrics that soothed and mended my soul.
Stevie and I are the same age, so I related to him in more ways than one. I enjoyed watching,and now remembering my mother as a young woman dance to his music.I'd never seen her happier. I've genuinely loved you from my soul through all this time, and I'll forever dream like a child of meeting you someday.
Thanks for the sweet, sweet years SIR, and God will continue to shine on you.

Connects to our Higher Self | Reviewer: Sophie | 2/22/09

Stevie Wonder's music helps me to connect to that which I need to know but can't find the specifics or particulars anywhere but in the lyrics of SW's music. The lyrics to "AS" describe the indescribable for example. "Higher Ground" revealed my own present-past lives and "They Won't Go When I Go" is relevant today in revealing the greed that is taking the world to another new low on the scale of the immorality notch.

Yet to "recover" from this insanity I found "Free" and "Heaven is Ten Zillion Miles Away" as effective tonics for mood lifting and
connection to re-member my own divinity.

I agree with the reviewer about "Secret Life of Plants" - it's a very best album - yet it's music is best received in a contemplative state - true wisdom in the lyrics.

Stevie Wonder lets us know we are all divine - that's why we love his music so - it's the connection.

A Genius | Reviewer: Julie Morris | 10/13/08

I've always loved his music since I was 3 years old. Was also fascinated that he is 10 years older than myself I thought of him as an older talented brother as I often tried to emulate his singing voice. I married into a Morris/Laster family who originated from Eufala, Alabama and seem to think they're related.However,It is my wish before I die is to meet and possibly perform with Stevie Wonder one day

the greatest singer songwriter musician who has ever lived | Reviewer: gail johnson | 9/7/08

genius is the first word to describe stevie wonder,awesome,intelligent,brilliant voice,exquisite musician,humanitarian,inspirational music.fine for days.my greatest desire would be to meet him in person just to shake his hand or something,to be in his presence.what a brilliant mind.no one can do what he does with his voice, his voice is like a fine tuned instrument.i have been a fan of mr. wonder for years,i had the pleasure to see him in concert last oct '07' at the verizon center in d.c. "oh my god" what a concert,four stars.i listen to his music(cd)every day while i'm working,i'm in heaven,having peace of mind. if i had the chance to meet any singer it would be THE ONE AND ONLY MR. STEVIE WONDER.

Stevland Morris Judkins Hardaway is my cousin!!! | Reviewer: charles anthony jones | 2/24/08

Stevie Wonder and I are cousins, he & his mom has history of family in Eufaula Alabama , and so do I. We are related through the Jones / Hardaway family tree. Every other year , we hold Jones / Hardaway family reunions. I also share some of the musical talents with my cuz..Ironically , the name of my instrumental project is called "music of my mind" which I play all the instruments through a 16 track sequencer, and I did all the arrangements. I RECENTLY FOUMD OUT THAT Stevie produced an album of the same name years ago What a coincidence !!!
I look forward to meeting him in person and sharing my music with him...I will see if my fam ily historian can put me in direct contact with him....He is the greatest songwriter and composer of all time!!!!!

........................... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/05

Stevie Wonder is an AWESOME person!!! He has ovrcome many adversities in his life. He is famous but yet humble. now how many people can you say that about? not too many. He's the best! May God keep on blessing you!
Jesus loves you!!!!