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Performed by Stevie Wonder

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Fake samba. | Reviewer: Olendino | 4/3/2008

Stevie Wonder was ever a great fan of brazilian music. In "Bird of beauty" he tried to recreate the images and happiness of brazilian carnival. There are some verses written in Portuguese (by Sergio Mendes) that say:

"Tudo bem você deve descansar a sua mente,
Não faz mal o que vai acontecer daqui pra frente.
Vai cantar a alegria de um sabor bem diferente
Com seu coração assim, tão feliz, já vai cantar carnaval."
That means:
"It's all right, you ought to ease your mind,
It doesn't matter what is going to happen.
Go, sing your happiness with strong delight
with your heart so happy, go sing your carnival."

A great song this 50 YO man liked a lot when was a teen.

Curious Bird... | Reviewer: skippy | 2/25/2005

Cute, pleasant, jazzy tune, but what the hell is it about??

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