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Performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

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How appropriate | Reviewer: Shelley | 5/23/08

This song gave comfort to my sister and her husband on the loss of their 1 month old daughter who died in Zambia after being born there and having complications with her heart. It seems only appropriate for Steven and his family at this time with the loss of their own daughter. We will pray for all of you....

His hope | Reviewer: Anna | 5/22/08

Because of the tragedy in the Chapman family yesterday, I think this song is very appropriate..especially for his family. Keep them in your prayers constantly when what they need right now the most is Hope.

My 3 month old daughter | Reviewer: Tammy Lister | 1/17/08

My 3 month old baby girl passed away on Monday, Jan 7, 2008-very unexpectedly. She had been fighting to get big enough for heart surgery, and her heart was just too tired. My aunt found this song, and it was played at her funeral. It was so fitting, and a source of encouragement to all of us. We can cry for her, and we can grieve at how much we miss her-but it is with hope. We'll see her again someday. And until then, we live with hope.

In Remembrance of Mom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

Immediately after leaving the hospital where my Mom had just passed away, I heard this song that I had never heard before on the radio in the car, on the way back to my parents' house. I got so much comfort from it, and it felt like a special gift of solace directly from God Himself at the time.

A Great Song | Reviewer: Savannah | 5/15/07

This song is a great song. It played at the funeral of a very dear friend of mine, that makes it a very special song to me and a song I will always remember. From now on, whenever I hear it, it will remind me of him.

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