Hello, Steve Fans | Reviewer: Lloyd Miller | 7/5/10

Hey, I have been a Steve Fan areal long time, I'm 50, anyhow, few years ago, my girl and I took off in a fifth wheel trailer, a pocketful of questionable cash and kind of followed him around. Seen him in Texas, Tenn, Ohio, so on.. I always have kind of feel, ya know, you do too or you wouldn't be reading these comments, he he. After reading this little biography right here, I see a lot of shared experience and that is cool, Great job to the writer and hello, to the rest of ya'll.

very interesting | Reviewer: Amy DeVito | 11/6/09

Ahh, the life and times of Mr. Earle! What an auspicious start, not everyone kicks off a lifetime with feet dusted in Texas soil in a Prince Albert tin.

Very informative....hey, what about his bit part and collaboration on The Wire? He did perform the theme song (even if he didn't write it) for Season Four and was that his only professional acting gig?