Just the Right Wingers? Are you sure? | Reviewer: Brian | 11/30/13

Let's be careful about blaming it all on right wingers. Liberals weren't the one's burning books back in the 1980's. Those were religious conservatives. It wasn't even liberalism that motivated the push to label rock albums and demnonize Ozzy, Judas Priest and Metallica over misunderstood and misinterpreted song lyrics. In fact, the common thread in all of this s**t is organized religion. Just because Tipper Gore headed the PMRC doesn't mean it was her political views motivating her morality mission.

F the CC | Reviewer: El Jefe | 8/23/12

My band is going to cover this song. This is not just a song, but a wake up call. Freedom is being taken away from us all. Fuck the FCC, fuck the FBI, and fuck the CIA. We do what we want!

To David | Reviewer: Some Dude | 6/29/10

When the hell are Americans going to realize that the two party system is two evils. I agree with this song but anyone who thinks democrats are for free speech is "fucking" crazy. It's the libs that are for all this politically correct bullshit. Sorry but the only decent politician in Washington these days is Ron Paul and i'm sure he'll fuck up soon too. Cause he's a damn politician and if he didn't want power and money he would probably do something else.

Are FUCKIN' kidding me | Reviewer: Horsewoman | 5/3/09

This is what is wrong with this country. You all want us to apologize for being Americans. And God forbid you have your own opinion. I agreed and sided with the Dixie Chicks but this SHIT is just wrong.  

Tell it like it is! | Reviewer: David L Richards | 8/13/07

Fantastic tune, and equally fantastic lyrics. Tells it like it is. These "holier than thou" right-wingers wanna take all our rights away and Mr Earle says what's on his (and millions of others) mind. Recommended!