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Performed by Stephen Stills

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The hit that got away | Reviewer: Shirley P. | 1/16/2008

Everytime that someone tells me that Stephen Stills stopped writing truly great, memorable songs after he broke up his band Manassas (in 1973) THIS is one of first songs I refer them to:"Closer to You". It comes off what I think is surely one of the finest albums he ever did "Illegal Stills" from 1976.

This song is-in every sense of the word-GREAT song writing! It has everything a well-crafted song requires:a good & engaging story, sensitive, evocative and thoughtful lyrics, truly beautiful music and an excellent arrangement, all served up with a vocal performance that I personally consider one of THE BEST that Stephen Stills ever gave!

Here, he was at-IMHO-the PEAK of his vocal prowess:his voice honey-sweet, his delivery sure in its command. The emotion is deeply felt, and sincere without being maudlin. I've always believed that Stills was vastly underrated as a singer, and this song certainly provides a STRONG argument in favor of rating him as among the BEST!

In looking back on Stills' career, I'll always consider this song the "hit" that got away, sadly.

Hopefully, with Stills' recent brush with cancer and the resulting new rush of media attention it brought his way, folks who haven't done a retrospect on his SOLO career(or those who haven't taken a listen to it for SOME years)will get curious and take the time to do so. When they do, it's my hope that they will do themselves a BIG favor and check out "Illegal Stills" and in particular this lovely song. It WON'T disappoint!

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