I understand | Reviewer: OCZ | 9/10/13

I understand how a lot of people may not feel this is wrong, but as a father to a special needs daughter this song does offend me and anger me. No one wants to be made fun of, but to have their kid made fun of in this kind of way is something a bit extreme. Maybe you guys who are not offended by this song are either young, and probably do not have any kids, or maybe even have kids who are perfectly healthy. It takes someone who has seen the struggle or experience the struggle to really understand the kind of pain things like this cause. I know there are actual people with special needs that make fun of themselves, but first of we never know how they really feel inside, and we do not know how their family feels about it. I think this song is wrong and is an extremely low blow to the special needs people. In a way is "heartless". for some reason in todays society people tend to believe being "heartless" is a good thing. They think it means to be strong or to be able to do things that other cant, but they are wrong. Not having a heart is a weakness. I am a professional boxer and im telling you right now a fighter with out a heart is no fighter at all. A heart is what makes us strong and allow us to win. When my daughter was born I began to educate people on things like this instead of trying to beat the sense into people, and I believe it has been working so I hope this message really made you guys think a little bit. I am a big fan of helping people who are cannot help themselves. Being in the military I also deal with a lot of people that simply do not understand the pains of a special needs family member or person. It is a big deal guys and we as human beings need to stop this. I found this by accident so I probably never going to come back here again but if anybody has anything they want to share with me pls shoot me an email at Octavianguzman@hotmail.com.

Awesome | Reviewer: Totheabove | 6/16/13

To the guys who hate on him. Are you the same guys bashing on south park? He makes fun of everything, its just comedy... Nothing serious meant by it all. Be a bit more lighthearted.

wtf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/13

omg, get over it. i bet, you precious insulted handicaped kids are laughing their asses off, when they hear that song. okay, maybe not EVERY kid... but for god sake, i rather have some laughing kids and a few insulted, then just balling eggs arround them, preventing ANY harm that COULD be happening to them. the REAL retarded, vile assholes are you, who think they have to PROTECT these kids. if you get down from your fucking throne and LOOK at us, you will realize, that we are perfectly capable of defending ourselves, even if that hurts a little.

This guy has no idea what he's talking about. | Reviewer: Martienne | 5/1/13

This is the most vile thing I've ever read. I was searching online for a way to label my daughters numerous Special Olympics medals, so I can remember what all of them are for, when I saw this. First of all, the wheelchair basketball games are not Special Olympics. They're Paralympics. Secondly, the Special Olympics Athletes train very hard for these games, and only the best win the gold. If this person had ever actually witnessed one of these events, he wouldn't have written this.

The song | Reviewer: stuart wesley porter | 4/7/13

You need to go and watch an actual competition. These people work very hard to win. I have been coaching for a number of years. Your song was not funny and very inappropriate. These people don't just fall in the pool. You don't win if you stand in place. You have to run. I am an ex marine Officer and do not appreciate this kind of publicity for special Olympics.

good one but... | Reviewer: wirepuller | 2/4/13

that was a great song about retards but you should do one about an even funnier group of people that I fondly remember, the Thalidomide kids from the 50's and 60's.
I went to school with paul cooper and angelo scabelloni and they were the funniest 2 guys in the class.
They used to roll on the floor up to their desks and then jump up into their seats.
All through the class they would make fun of the teacher by pretending to be blind and deaf.
Hahaha it was hilarious.
Do a song for Paul and Angelo.

This songwriter sets a good example!! | Reviewer: Dee M. | 12/5/12

Yes this songwriter sets a great example ,at least for songwriters that really DONT care about fellow human beings. Im a local songwriter and belong to a huge professional group of songwriters who respect ART,this song shows the true colors of a songwriter who should write himself a song of how NOT to hurt others .Hope you are proud of yourself ,Comedy is comedy i apreciate a good laugh ,well guess what your are the biggest joke ..Give up songwriting and get yourself a heart !!!!

a mile in moccasins | Reviewer: leigh | 10/9/12

Wow - it's hard to believe that anyone can write something like this. I don't care if it is in fun, all it takes is ONE person to be hurt by this - and I don't mean just someone mentally challenged - and you will have contributed to someones undoing. You never know when you will need support and empathy for a challenge of your own so it would be nice for you to learn to be supportive and empathic. One day YOU may be hurt by a careless person - so maybe you need to think about how that would feel before you post something like this. Please don't tell me to lighten up - if lightening up means feeling free to laugh at ANYONE who is trying to accomplish something good than I prefer not to be light.

Idiots | Reviewer: The Captain | 8/10/11

I can't stand em! Having had an ex girlfriend who worked with...how shall I put this...retards, this song is hilarious. Don't make all handicapped or special needs people into angels, either. Remember, a person can be cool or an asshole, no matter their mental capacity.

Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/11

Its just a song, and its funny. so if you don't like it you take this way to seriously. i, for one, am a supporter of the special olympics and i find this song funny. So please, learn to take a joke.

Great Song | Reviewer: Khaioshia | 1/6/11

Look, this is quality AMERICAN comedy. Anyone who is truly offended by something like this needs to look at themselves in the mirror and say:

DAMN!!! It sure is great to be perfect. I'm glad I have never said or though anything bad about any person or group of people.


awful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/10

This is so disgusting. Stephen Lynch you are the biggest piece of garbage! How dare you make fun of something that puts a smile on a childs face and makes the mentally handicapped feel good about themselves. Just shows how low and pathetic some people are to even enjoy this song.

wow | Reviewer: jacq | 5/8/07

wow you are so funny u sould make another one but about something else funnier