Stephen Lynch=Genius | Reviewer: Lorraine | 4/23/10

I first came across Mr.Lynch about six months ago now. I was attending an open mic night at my local pub and the guys running it were doing some Stephen Lynch songs. I don't think I ever laughed so much in my life. They told me afterwards about the great Mr Lynch, I went home and looked him up on youtube. Six months later I have his albums and I've seen him live.

I think Stephen is not only a truly gifted singer and songwriter, but also a gifted comdedian. It's an amazing thing to be able to make people laugh and if I ever met Stephen Lynch, I would shake his hand and thank him for the endless hours of fun and laughter his talent has made possible.

Consider Him.. | Reviewer: A Sinner saved by Grace | 12/30/09

I read one of songs,I was very saddened by your hatered for the Lord Jesus.
You know he loves you,he died for you and he wants you to turn to him and give him your heart.God's free gift of Salvation.
What do you have to loose?well..forgiveness.If you choose not to believe,thats your choice,you will spend eternity in Hell.Perhaps you may sometime ask the Lord to show you the way,I promise you he will.
"He that believeth on the Son(Jesus)has everlasting life and he that does not believe shall not see life,but the wrath of God abideth on him"John3:36 It's no joke!

A FAN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/08

The person who put the comment about liking Stephen for his voice not his lyrics....the voice not the lyrics, the voice, not the lyrics...the voice...and on and on. Its either a joke or she is some kind of psycho stalker. I am a true admirer for his lyrics and voice and that all! I cracked up hard at this first Comedy Central special and have been looking forward to more and at last another special. My fave songs are 'If I were Gay' and 'I only like black girls' and 'Are you a Nazi baby?'. I watched the dvd of his performance at the El Rey, it was ok. I prefer to watch him in a larger venue. Keep up the good work Stephen!

comment to the last comment. | Reviewer: just someone | 12/27/07

Okay, here is the thing (I am talking to the female.. Or male? fan of Mr. Lynch, who wrote a comment earlier).
You are right. He has a very unique voice, indeed. But please, the guy is happily married and I wish for you to get a life. No harm intended, it's just.. Poor Stephen. I so liked the comment in the beginning, until your started with that "I'm in love with you"-crap. It is okay to think, that an artist is hot and has a fantastic voice and a great talent for music and songwriting, like I think of the dear Mr. Lynch.
But that's it.. Don't give him your fucking number. Maybe his wife is insanely jealous. She might be on her way over to kick your ass in this very moment. So who ever you are... Drop it. He is a star, yes, but he has a life. PERSONALLIFE..

your voice | Reviewer: nikki | 12/9/07

I was just trying to figure out how to e-mail you....your voice is beautiful...regardless of the lyrics if that makes sense...I sing operatic and have an appreciation of all voices that have beauty...I have listened to your songs...not your lyrics...but your is beautiful...I am someone who would if you give a chance...could love you for that alone...I am very very loyal...and your voice...not your lyrics...could make me fall in love with you completely....I could be whatever it is you would wish me to be if you gave me a number is 318-455-3986 and my address is 4207 evelyn street...your voice alone would make me whatever you would wish...not your lyrics your voice...if you would love for me to prove myself...give me a call...I have searched ways to e-mail you..your voice speaks to me in a way you would never understand...if you would just sing to me...I would be whatever you wished me to be...