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Performed by Staind

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what can i say | Reviewer: ginger | 9/30/07

ive heard this song twice today and i love it so much!! i can definatly relate to the song and its just so increadible! I LOVE IT♥

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

this song is definitely the coolest song ever! not only because Staind rocks, but the lyrics are so true and I can really relate to them.

perfect song for depression | Reviewer: Valerie | 3/27/07

This is the perfect song to how I am feeling now. The song is an excellent choice to listen to whenever you just lost a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. It's an awesome song for sure.

This is a very inspirational song! | Reviewer: Jesus Fernandez | 1/31/07

I love this song, because it constantly inspires me and helps me during hard times. I send many blessings to this band for writing this wonderful song.

amazing | Reviewer: Dana Cohen | 2/6/06

wow this song is incredible. The lyrics speak for almost anyone and the music is mindblowing... You guys rock!

staind right here waiting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/05

this song is awesome, the lyrics speak to just about everyone, at one time or another..great song.....

right here | Reviewer: Tony | 9/3/05

the way aaron lewis sings this song is amazing. he has one of the best voices in rock

SWEET! | Reviewer: casey | 8/9/05

I just heard this song today and when I heard it it just blew my mind...This song describes what I'm kinda going through right now...So I love it...All their songs are awesome...But for some reason I like this one best

WOW | Reviewer: sean | 7/23/05

this song i just heard yesterday, and now it's always in my head. great lyrics. sounded just like what used to happen to me.

wow!!!! | Reviewer: Elijah | 7/17/05

this is an incredible song... it seems like every staind album gets better!

Unbelievable | Reviewer: D.J. Jeansonne | 6/1/05

Unbelievable song! I wouldn't expect anything less from Staind. You guys are the best.

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