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Performed by Staind

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who gives a damn? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/07

who the f**k cares if you can DEFINITELY relate to this song? i didn't come here to read autobiographies from a bunch of self-absorbed, attention-starved morons. if that's all you have to say, shut up and go back to jacking off in the bathroom mirror.

Amazing | Reviewer: Ryan | 10/20/07

This song has some amazing subtext to the lyrics, I was in a relationship with a girl who wanted everything and gave nothing. No matter what I did she never saw it as "enough". Well I broke it off with her and sent this song to her. From all the tears, I'm sure she got the message.

My Opinion | Reviewer: Billy | 8/20/07

I think its what Kady said because there is a part that mentions"You might feel in control of things
But you're not holding all the strings" its about a manipulative woman or even a parent

What I think | Reviewer: Heather | 6/26/07

I get from this that he is mad at God and taking out his frustrations on God. He is unhappy with his life and feels like God could change it but doesn't. He is a bit apologetic but he can't keep it inside and he just rips through God because he feels like God has the control to change things but just won't. I think it is deeper than him going off on a person...I like what pandora had to say, too.

Please | Reviewer: pandora | 5/9/07

What if it's him fighting himself inside. One side of him sits on his throne belittling him and putting him down. He tries to argue with it rationally. Trying to make logic of it. He's not alone in his head with himself. What he is showing to everyone on the outside isn't really him , so he's trying to break free of being trapped in his head and listening to it. He criticizes himself , just like we all do.We can change who we are on the outside, but the inside will still break through. We are blinded, brainwashed and hypnotized. Wake up! Accept who, and what you are. Love yourselves no matter what.

awesome | Reviewer: sam | 5/1/07

staind is def. one of my favorite groups of all time. i love their music!

Know the feeling! | Reviewer: Tim | 4/10/07

This song hits it right on the head. I can definately relate to this song. I'm going through this right now. This song Rocks!!!

Beyond words | Reviewer: Kyen | 3/4/07

Staind has always been my favorite band. At least, ever since I could choose my own music. Please is a great song about independence (as are most of the Chapter V songs), and one of the best in the new Album. Long live Staind. ^^

Please | Reviewer: Kady | 11/23/05

Staind is a very talented group. "Please" is one of my favorite songs from their new album "Chapter V" This song is very powerful, in not only the lyrics but how he gets into the song as well. This is what I got from the song and I can definately relate to it. He was trying to be something that he really wasn't for someone else, maybe a girlfriend, or talking about an ex-girlfriend(I don't know). But he liked this person so much that he was willing to change anything and maybe everything for that person, then that person took advantage of that and he finally realized that he was being taken advantage of the whole entire time and he got sick of it. Like it says "Tell me please who the f*** did you want me to be? was it something that I couldn't see" then it goes to say "and please I'm still wearing this miserable skin, and it's starting to tear from within, but it's obvious that doesn't bother you so please" that is saying that he's sick of it. I can definately relate to this song and This is one of the best songs from Staind. **Staind Rocks!** --Kady, Pennsylvania

Awesome | Reviewer: Erica | 8/14/05

At this point in my life right now, this song hits the heart with a ton of nails. Every single lyric matched with Aaron Lewis's haunting voice... Everything. Perfect. I can definitely relate to this song.

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