people read into things way too much | Reviewer: seriously pj? | 7/12/11

"arrogance of a generation (americans ofcourse)"

Maybe the song is speaking to discriminative people like you pj. You assume all americans are arrogant instead of going on a case by case basis. Thats the same mindset hitler had toward the jews is it not? Disguisting.

that is why you will not survive | Reviewer: PJ | 1/22/08

Speaking of the arrogance of a generation (Americans of course), and the gloating mistaken focus that they have succumbed too. First verse is the picture of a future so many have known, so many expect, and very few appreciate. The second is regarding that person standing up and making thier life mean something. The chorus speaks of a messenger, and how you don't have time to listen, then it gives a picture of your downfall, due to the interladen arrogance that has embraced your thoughts resulting in your actions. The next verse speaks of breaking away from this conformity. Next we have wedding cake that can't be boiled away, no matter what you do in your life, for better or worse, unless you have some sort of amnesia(which might make this life thing easier), it will always be with you. The water boy (representing a peon in your mind) can teach you much, but you don't care... who the hell cares about a water boy. Then he finishes it off with an apology and the chorus agian. I find it humorous how abrasive and crude this song is, and how cheerful its musical delivery goes, but alas, that is spoon. Good luck fighting the underdog, and pretty much everyone has the right to breath, and as soon as you disagree, you better watch out for the david to your goliath.