iknownothing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/11

i was hearing it as staying true even after all your freinds move away or "grow up". wanting another crew like when you were young and having fun , and how hard it is to stay like that in this world right now . doesnt come easy, could be cocaine or both ?

Awesome guitar breaks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

Awesome song, though I suspect it is about cocaine and/or some kind of opiate? Who cares, it rocks! The guitar breaks are both genius and enchanted! Maybe I'm reading too much in to lyrics like "a crew that can......sneeze and sniff" and "been watching my friends move away and summon my love back to me" and "I got a feeling and it didn't come cheap... I got a feeling and it got to me.". However, it could just be as simple as love" but then is the reference if forgetting my pen referencing writing lyrics (love) or snorting coke?