Spinal Tap: The Band only Druids take seriously | Reviewer: Merlin the Magician | 9/4/07

Even this song isn't as silly as the clowns who dress up like characters out of Asterix and perform ceremonies each year at Stonehenge even though it never was used by the Druids, who stopped existing 2000 years ago (Stonehenge stopped being used 4000 years ago)

Oh how they danced the little children of stonehenge | Reviewer: Tim Hart | 8/29/07

This a a classic song and spinal tap was a great movie.On a scale of 1 to 10 this one goes to 11

A little Message for Sgian Dubh | Reviewer: Iain Mathison | 8/14/07

There would NOT be huge riots over ANY of Spinal Tap's songs. Contrary to urban myth, Spinal Tap are NOT a real band. Every song written and every line spoken in the Spinal Tap movie is designed with the sole intention of providing amusement and entertainment. "Stonehenge" is so exception to this; with the comedy deriving from the bands ignorance of historical fact. Besides, anyone who gets angry and makes a fuss over something that has brought countless people never ending moments of happyness....is a Douche. You Sir....Are a Douche.

Seriously, Sgian Dubh? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/07

While I am not one to tolerate racism (I'm an elementary teacher, and a liberal one at that), I can take a joke. And yes, it is funny because it's not intended to be racist. It's simply a spoof on how cheesy some old metal songs are. I see very little in this song to indicate exploitation of religions that are practiced today...learn to laugh.

(cough) racist (cough) | Reviewer: Sgian Dubh | 5/10/06

I think this makes a good song, but unfortunately it exploits a whole culture and several religions, and I think it is sad that it is found acceptable to sing songs condemning people who worship at Stonehenge, while if this song was written about St. Peters basillica, there'd be huge riots. So pick on the little people y dunt ye?

Excelent | Reviewer: yeti | 2/2/05

man this song friggen rules and the movie conquares!!!

Best of Tap | Reviewer: J. Litza | 12/2/04

This song has to be the best that was performed in the movie. I mean can you name any other 80s rock group that had dancing midgets in a stage production? lol best song ever...

And where are they now? The little people of stonehenge...

Where the banshees live | Reviewer: Chris Donnelly | 10/1/04

Fantastic. Even in the 1982 tour DVD, the power of this production is overwhelmingly strong. It would have been fantastic to have been able to see this mid-70s, but it was not to be. Rock N'Roll!

Perhaps the greatest rock lyrics ever... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/04

I'd forgotten just how brilliantly funny these lyrics were...the banshees living well, the dew crops crying, the place where a man is a man and children dance to the pipes of Pan...
The glory of Tap!