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The Spice Girls Are The Best | Reviewer: Samara | 9/25/12

l have always loved the spice girls since the first song and video my faves are Scary and Baby Spice but l love the other two also expect Posh (l hate her l can't stand her guts and everything about her she can't sing,dance,smile) l love everything about her Spice Girls They are my second most favourite girl band in the world l love there voices expect Posh's . they can sing dance. l am a massive Scary and Baby Spice Fan Forever and ever l adore them so much.Scary is My Mel and Baby is My Emma forever mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox <3 <3 <3 <3

To ALL the Beautiful woman | Reviewer: Hannahlee | 3/29/11

your all the biggest lot of dumb bitches i have ever read. affence?? i understand you love the spice girls... but COME on. more than half of you used the word 'like' more than 5 times in one paragraph. being a fan of spice girls you should also, i would hope, but its obviously not the case have a little respect and pride for being a woman or man (JIMY) and spell a little more decent... im hoping that most of you were under the age of 15.

love spice girls | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/09

spice girls are the only band i really listen to. i love girl power! they are inspiring me to be myself and to always just have fun! I LOVE THE SPICE GIRLS!
I WISH I COULD GO TO A REUNION CONCERT! i dont have the money though

CHILDHOOD BAND | Reviewer: Steph Bretherton | 4/1/09

i remember this one time i used to have a poster of them on my wardrobe door and i had a tape of their album that i listenend to every night.

They were my all time favourite band when i was little (at the time i enjoyed steps and s club 7 too)

hope they keep on making music now, cos they'll b rivalling the likes of girls aloud and the saturdays

5 Star!!!! <3 | Reviewer: Cassandra | 3/19/08

I love the Spice Girls! I have loved them for so long!
I still remember the times my cousin and I would make up dances to their songs. One dance i do remeber was the dance to "Stop Right Now".
I still know all the lyrics to their songs and i STILL have their C.Ds! I will always love the spice girls. They will never be forgotten my me! (:
Spice Girls 4ever! <3

YEAH! | Reviewer: livvy, spice girls maniac fanatic | 1/24/08

I'll tell u wat " if you wannabe my lover/ you've gotta get with my friends" means! it means that even if you like a lad, your girls should still always come first! and they do, so never stand for a boyf who disses your friends, cause they're the ones who'll be there "forever" for you!!! like scary once said, "THIS IS ABOUT GIRL POWER, ITS NOT ABOUT PICKING UP GUYS... ITS ABOUT SPREADING A POSITIVE VIBE AND KICKING IT FOR THE GIRLS... WE DONT NEED MEN TO CONTROL OUR LIVES, WE CONTROL OUR LIVES OURSELVES ANYWAY!"
rock on girl power!! WOOP!!!!

x spice girls maniac fanatic x

woooo i love u spice girls! | Reviewer: jimmy | 1/14/08

i never liked the spice girls but after i heard
there songs i absolutely love them
and after seeing the interview about them totally
changed my opinion on them
i love u spice girls!!!!

right back to sporty | Reviewer: tootssy | 1/1/08

hw would it be hard 2 ryt a bio about victoria.
JSt ryt shes pretty good singer and.YOUR RYT THIS IS HARD LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

WOW .. I LOVE THEM SOOOOO MUCH !! XXXXXXXXXX | Reviewer: Deni-Leigh | 11/25/07

Wow,i absoloutely love the Spice Girls soooooooooo much !! When i heard they were getting back together i was so excited and tried to get tickets straight away lol .. xx I was a massive fan when they were together the first time around and sulked and cried for ages when they split up lol .. But i was only like 8 years old though !! xx They were absoloutely HUGE and even if people are not a fan .. (BUT i can't see why not though!!) They still no who these girls are .. The BEST and definately the most powerful girlbad EVER !! The five of them made history and they will always be a massive part of my childhood , and i am just SO glad that they are back with some more (NO LOADS more) GIRL POWER .. !! xx I love Wannabe and all of their songs and they are so much more to me than just a girlband coz i grew up with them and adored them so much,and some of my best memories involve them .. !! So in my eyes they will always be heroes!! They were BRILLIANT at children in need and victorias secret fashion show and both the song Headlines and the video for it are AMAZING !! Soooooooooo as u can see lol .. I love them .. Go Girls !!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx Lotsa Love the Spice Girls Biggest fan EVER .. Deni-Leigh .. xx (Aged15) .. !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

bigoraphy | Reviewer: ciara | 9/10/07

haayaa guys

im like doing a biography about vitoria
and its like really really hard lool x

omg i nd my friends used to call me sporty spice

because i was lyk the sporty gal out of all dem lot
nd it was so fun we used to give eachother a name out of the spice girls

lyk it lool

write bk


I LOVE THE SPICE GIRLS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

OMFG i LOVEEE the SPICE GIRLS theyy are lykk the BESTT in the wholee widee world i dnt care wat ppl think I LOVEE THEMM But i cant belive they are not coming to melbourne for there final show.!!!! i was so upset =( I LOVEE THE SPICE GIRLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spice rawks! | Reviewer: b | 8/26/07

OMG!!! i luv them so much inregardlez wat pplsay bout them!!! who cares wat ppl say!!! SPICE GIRLS!!! U RAWK MY WERLD!

!!SPICE GIRLS!! | Reviewer: kenzie--xox | 7/4/07

i love the spice girls! can't wait til they come back. miss them lots. woohoo lol

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Holly | 7/3/07


5 STAR QUALITY! | Reviewer: imogen | 5/24/07

spice girls are the greatest! even in 2007 i still love them!

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