Best TV Show in the world!! | Reviewer: Kiki | 12/11/12

The lyrics are top notch, thanks!! Don't wanna argue but I'm pretty sure Stone and Parker say on onr of the episode commentaries that it's "I like girls with big, fat titties, I like girls with big vaginas". Also, a heads up to everyone living it up in the UK, the Comedy Central website for South Park does not work when attempting to stream, although games work, so use ''.

Re: Free Episodes | Reviewer: Lilly | 7/5/12

Yeah. You can watch episodes on, too. And play South Park games. And make your own South Park avatar and make it your computer background and use it as your Facebook profile picture. And do even more South Park things, like South Park merchandise. Sounds way better them, doesn't it? I'm not trying to advertise, because it's not my website, it's Comedy Central's. I'm just saying.

Timmy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/11

Timmy says timmy all the time not turmer. it might sound like that, but it's just the way he says it that makes it sound like he's saying turmer. If you're used to different dialects a nd accents you should easily notice this.

Timmy's real lyrics | Reviewer: Flerp | 12/21/11

You guys talking about Timmy really need to learn more about the series. Look it up, Matt and Trey talk about how a quick uttering of "Livin' a lie" became one of Timmy's catchphrases. That's what he says in his opening. "Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Livin' a lie, Timmy!".

He has also said "Jimmy", "Gobbles", "Timmy and the lords of the underworld", as well as a few more words and phrases.

timmy | Reviewer: Tariq | 11/3/11

ALL WRONG TIMMY REALLY SAYS "TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY LIVE LIKE TIMMY" and if u dont believe me look up a video on youtube called all the south park theme songs the video is by BIGTEXASBUTTERS check the comments thell show it

What Kenny Says in ALL Seasons are..... | Reviewer: Kyle Neff | 12/30/08

Kenny's lines in the first season are

I love girls with big fat titties ; I love girls with big vagina's.

* In season 3, this changed to:

I have got a ten inch penis; Use your mouth and help me clean it.

* In season seven, this changed to

Someday I'll be old enough to stick my dick in Britney's butt!

* In season ten part two, the theme was revamped and Kenny's lines were

I like fucking silly bitches; I know that my penis likes it .

god get it right u losers!!!


now..suck my balls Kyle

Kenny's season 12 mumble | Reviewer: Jeff | 5/29/08

For those that could not figure out what Kenny is saying from the middle of season 10 to the present episodes, the line is, "I like fucking silly bitches because I know my penis likes it" If you hear it again knowing that is what he says, you will hear it very clearly. Hope this helps.

Kenny (Wording. .) | Reviewer: Steph | 4/6/08

In the first 3 seasons you can tell what he is saying really clearly actually.

Seasons 1&2 he says- I like girls with big fat titties, I like girls with deep vaginas.

Seasons 3 through 5 he says- I have got a 10 inch penis, use your mouth to help me clean it.

In season 6 Kenny is replaced by Timmy because he died from some sort of Muscle Disease and didn't come back right away like usual.

In seasons 7 through 9 he says- Some time I'll be old enough to stick my dick up Britney's butt.

He says than until episode 8 in season 10 when he starts saying something that nobody can identify yet. I think he may just be mumbling at that point though. .he keeps saying that up to the current episodes in season 12.

kenny | Reviewer: Tom | 9/18/07

Guys, it's simple

They've told people what the words are - raven hill has it right apart from it is "deep vaginas" as opposed to "big vaginas", which kinda makes more sense.

Kenny | Reviewer: Colin | 9/18/07

(Kenny) Someday i'll be old enough to stick my dick up britney's butt!,

WOW, I never knew Kenny
was so gay!!!,...scairy!

what are the newest lyrics. | Reviewer: Raven Hill | 8/7/07

ok so we know he says first: i like girls with real big titties, i like girls with big vaginas.
the its: iv'e got a ten inch penis youse your mouth if you want to clean it.
and i think then its: one day i'll be old enough to stick my dick up britnays butt. But i can't figure out the newest one (season 10&11) sounds a tiney bit like:get a job you silly pearson 'caus mammas snitch is realy hurting...thats just what i think. im pretty sure thats not it tho. does anyone know the newest one??

re: how do youuu know that? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

how do you know what Kenny says in the South Park Theme? I just listened to it and it doesnt sound like he said that!

As Liam stated before what Kenny says in the opening theme changes depending on what season it is. What he says usually isn't stuff that they allow on TV so once everyone figures out what he says it's usually changed

different lyrics | Reviewer: Liam | 7/24/07

in season 1&2 kenny says"I like girls with big fat titties, i like girls with deep vaginas."
in season 3-5 he says"I've a 10 inch penis-use your mouth to help me clean it." and season 7-10 ep 7 he says" Someday ill be old enough to stick my dick in brittneys butt." and idk what he says from season 10 ep 8 to the end of season 11.
Just to tell ya.

timmy | Reviewer: alice | 7/6/07

erm, if he says turmer and not timmy, how come on one episode butters mentioned all he can say is his own name? he can say timmy, jimmy and gobbles as far as i know. also, his parents can only say their own names.

Free Episodes | Reviewer: Graham | 6/14/07

Hey everyone, if you go to you can watch any south Park episode.