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------ performed by Soulja Boy

The Fuck? | Reviewer: Sophia | 9/2/2008

This is the worst fucking song ever. "Soulja Boy" needs to go die! Really! This dude is weak as hell. He gots no game. Why don't you go 'shake your booty meat' in prison? Huh? Cause thats is where you're heading. Then your man's best friend Paula can holla at you.

whats happened to real hip hop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/2008

ok now this is one of the shittiest songs i've ever read and i wouldnt like to listen to it.This guy makes making money look as easy as havin a sneaze. Infact i'mma write something about him

yo why do garbage sell platinums
why is our ears attracted to drugs and magnums
is it cuz souljaboy got a spot in recording
or that hip hops fate is calling
people dont listen to the real no more
its like we have an open door
but what for
if all you gonna do is close it
i might as well lock it

now tell me if you think thats better than souljaboys lyrics

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