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Performed by Sonata Arctica

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- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/08

@ St Louis Wiccan : maybe that's because every sonata arctica album contains a what they call wolfsong: Ecliptica = FullMoon Silence= Wolf & raven winterheart's guild = the cage reckoning night: ain't your fairytale Unia: It Won't Fade.

but, indeed, this song must be one of sonata's best songs, to be honest i like the live version better. the vocalmelody is f*cking amazing. And how Tony manages it everytime to reach the high notes, he must be one of the best singer in the rock/metal scene

Awesome... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/08

Greatest song, along with Wolf and Raven! Seriously, this song sends chills up my spine. The melody is hardcore, and tony, well he is a god. Just listening to this song can give me thousands of ideas to write! Keep up the words of thunder!

extremely amazingly exelent | Reviewer: Storm | 2/5/08

I love this song, they sing this song amazingly and they mean what they sing, like another user here said, "see another side of the tree" its so meaningful. Love Sonata Arctica, Best Band in Finland IF NOT the world.

speechless | Reviewer: C.O.A | 1/28/08

this song leaves me absolutely speechless. i fucking love it! It has to be one of the most amazing songs ive ever heard i mean the lyrics are incredible..i seriously got teary eyed the first time i heard it..i want to be free from all the shit in my life and i dont know if i can stand it for another year...

awesome | Reviewer: Maxx | 1/27/08

Usually I dont like powermetal, Im all about technicality and skill,but in music I look for feeling, powermetal usually has some chessyness to it.
With the EXCEPTION of this song. This song is absolutly awesome. "see another side of the tree"
He really gets what its like to feel trapped in one place.

The best | Reviewer: Marc | 1/17/08

This is an amazing song, i agree that this song is possibly the best powermetal song they have ever done, making it the best powermetal song in the world, but i have to say the live version on reckoning night is sooo much better, the way they slow it down at the end is just amazing...
SonatA ArcticA=#1

incredible to disgust | Reviewer: drum_as_PRO | 1/8/08

this song is so incredible about to disgust it's too perfect is the real power metal and the keyboard solo introducing the song it's frightful...and the king of this song it's no doubt THE keyboard....KURZWEIL K2500!!!!


COOOL | Reviewer: Lolqa | 8/28/07

For me this song is one of the best power metal songs ever. I love melody and lyrics are awesome !!!!

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/07

I love this song, can't stop listening to it.. so sad :')

Review of The Cage, by Sonata Arctica | Reviewer: St Louis Wiccan | 6/12/07

Best power metal song ever? I don't know, but it's definitely up there! These guys have a thing for wolves, don't they (The Cage, Fullmoon, Wolf & Raven)? Excellent lyrics really capture the fear, anger and desperation of the caged animal, really tug at the heart strings!

Best | Reviewer: Rain Amaya | 4/19/07

Ha, I love this song, it's so awesome.
It makes me shiver with sadness and joy knowing that wolves are still out there running<3

Amazing. | Reviewer: Kyuzo | 3/28/07

Great melody . Best power metal song ever :D

Amasing | Reviewer: Morten Bakke | 2/20/07

Holy mother earth. Sad and cool at the same time. Maybe the best power metal song made ever if you think of the lyrics and the melody

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/07

great song... great melody and very cute lyrics about a captured wolf... love it ...

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