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Performed by Sonata Arctica

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life sucks... | Reviewer: Razer | 8/30/07

...and this is the reason why. All tries of getting over it would be in vain if it wasn't for great songs like that. Thanks Sonata

shamandalie song | Reviewer: jos | 8/27/07

I just broke up with my girlfriend, we had a relation of 1year and a half. And the songs of sonata arctica helps me during these times of miserary...

Can't wait for the concert in belgium in nov.

kall from finland | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/07

we were friends about seven years. then we started to get feelings. we were seeing each other about a month, but the she broke up with me... now she ignores me at school...

this song is telling what my heart is yelling...

i dont know if i can ever fall in love again.

tallulah is also a good song: "it's easier to live alone, than fear the time it's over"


Simply the truth | Reviewer: Sham And A Lie | 8/18/07

The oldest story in the world. They are friends, then one start feeling something. And things will never be the same, even if this feelings would remain unspoken. Friendship will lose that purity...

The oldest story in the world, but today I feel it just mine.

one musican | Reviewer: mikko | 8/19/07

here from finland comes great music.this is the very best sample of that.better then him.but thats just my opinion

God.. | Reviewer: Moon'sSonata | 7/25/07

Amo esta canción, Sonata Arctica representa todo lo que siento, siempre, siempre que siento algo que no puedo explicar recurro a Sonata Arctica, gracias, por ser una de mis razones para levantarme cada mañana...Tu tambien Diana...Te quiero...(I love this song, Sonata Arctica shows everything I feel, always, everytime I feel something I can't explain, I listen to Sonata Arctica...Thankyou, for being one of my reasons to wake up every morning...You too Diana...I love you...)

wawawa | Reviewer: Konstantin Henker | 7/21/07

this song tells the truth really.. "These memories make me cry" yeah they nearly made me.. i love sonata!! and i'm waiting for the concert in november 20!!

yeah | Reviewer: lost poppet | 7/4/07

I'm from finland and I useally listen rap music. but this song is something beautiful. it's the best song of sonata arctica. i think. :)

yep i love it (too) | Reviewer: Antti Huutoniemi | 6/16/07

this song is owned for one friend of mine. She and i was together but we broke up. That was easy we are still good friends but now again im starting to get feelings... Now I dont know how would it end, I know that she still feels the same than couple months ago but as this song says we have friendship unbreakable and when we next break up can it still hold it?

So true | Reviewer: O-Master | 6/13/07

This song just make me remember my ex-girlfriend, i wanted to stay friend with her, but she's gone and don't want to talk to me anymore. We were friends from a long time ago and once i falled in love with her, we went out for about a week, but it didn't work very well, then we broke, and she walked away, without saying anything, this song is telling what my hearth is yelling

The song speaks my mind! | Reviewer: Not My Real Name | 6/1/07

There is so much truth in these lyrics. It's great to hear my feelings written out so clearly like that. Surprise, surprise, I've gone and fallen for my friend. It's a classic star-crossed story that has filled volumes with my bad poetry. To make this short, you wouldn't think a famous power-metal band would be able to reach a blind, verse-scribbling teen-ager, but Sonata manages it with sincerity.

about the song shamandalie | Reviewer: Yannick | 6/2/07

the first time i listen the song shamandalie i have get addicted i cant stop sing this song so i only can said sonata artica its the best 4 life

lovely song | Reviewer: Vigor_Mortis | 5/25/07

Ilove this song..
Ive got feelings for my best friend,
but I know I will never tell her, because if I would
I know it would change everything, and even if she wants me to, when we break up, it will never ever be the same again.. "Can we ever have what we had then?
Friendship unbreakable
Love means nothing to me " that's what I keep telling myself..
Argh, love is to hard.
Good thing Sonata Arctica is here to help us all with there beautiful lyrics!

BlAcK GoDeSs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/07

Beautiful song, brilliant lyrics...Sonata arctica write by feelings...if my love story will finish...i want give this song to my boy...


Björn.. is all on my mind | Reviewer: wanting björn | 5/17/07

this makes me think of a love of mine.. Björn he means everything to me.. the song is the most beautiful ive ever heard

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