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The Nest @ Nait | Reviewer: M&M | 4/10/10

Hey thanks for coming to Edmonton Alberta and Playing again.... it was our second time seeing you guys in less then a year.....You are a really great band and you are really just a bunch of really down to earth guys... We wish you all the best, hope to see you again soon......Thanks again guys :D

I Love Social Code | Reviewer: Denise | 6/4/07

I was introduced to these guys by my best friend, and Ever since i heard there voice I melted. I love them and how deep they get into the music. My favorite song is Beautiful. I listen to it every single morning when i get up, its routine, and when i forget to turn it on or dontlisten to it enough my day is crap! But when i do listen i have the best days...Some say coincidence? I think not, I cant wait I am going to their concert Tomorrow night and I am so excited!

you guys are awsome | Reviewer: amber | 5/29/07

u guys came to my school yeasterday for a free concert because its are 40th anivrsrey for chirchill and i wanna thanx you on behalf of the whole school we thanx u lots and i hope to see u guys again love love love amber stefanik

Social Code Rox | Reviewer: Stephanie | 4/20/05

WHen i was introduced to this band ny a friend, i was completely blown away. I love music, and tehy have such great talent that everyone of their songs could be a hit. I just published a full review on them in my "Teen Voice" column for the 100 mile Advisor, adn we got so many phone calls about their band after...Im glad i could help introduce their music to others as my girl Korri did to me check them out at

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