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Performed by Snow Patrol

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LOVE IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/07

i love this song! im literally addicted to it! me and my boyfriend sang this at a pop concert, and we got first place!
hotmai :

I can relate | Reviewer: Naomi | 8/19/07

My fiance is in the US army and pretty much all of our relationship has been long distance, with the exeption of leaves, I can relate to the lyrics so much, if i was a lyricist i would have probably wrote something very similar.
I love snow patrol :)

Love it. | Reviewer: Joakim | 8/17/07

I fucking love this song, it reminds me of alot of things, and there's a special person to me that I think of while listening to this song.... I really don't know what to say but this song brings out my emotions and sometimes I actually start to cry listening to this song - It's like it's made for me, and I do think that many more people think this aswell.... Again, fucking great song! LOOOOOOOVE IITTTTT!!!!

snow patrol set fire to the third bar. | Reviewer: Florence | 7/20/07

hi, i love this song it is so good!i first heard it on doctor who confidental and i loved it and wanted to listen to the rest!so i tried to find it on the internet-to hear the whoe thing.after about 2mouths of suching i eventually found it!turns out i was looking at the wrong artist and name of the song.for some reason i had just asumed that it was Mercury that sang it-because i looks at the list of songs that were on confidental on the doctor who website!anyway found it now i have listened to it loads-very happy...just keep on pressing the repeat button!quite a sad song though- but great!
Florence-a different Florence from the one above!!

Set The Fire To The 3rd Bar | Reviewer: Ryan | 6/23/07

I 1st heard this song while playing a game which i had my Window's Media Player(wmp) and i'm what the heck ... this song touchs me through the fact that i still for a girl that i prolly can not have .

P.S - TY Florence X i've been trying 2 find the artist of that song ... another song u guy's may like is Elliot Yamin - Wait for you .

---Set The Fire On The Third Bar--- | Reviewer: Jake MB | 5/22/07

I First Heard This Song On Doctor Who Confidental I Thought What A Great Song. I Thought The Title Was I'd Love To Lay You Down Lol. I Spent Ages Looking For The Song!

Ummm.. | Reviewer: Jemmah | 4/3/07

This song is really about how he is missing someone and cant find a place that feels the same as when he is with this person.. Well thats what i sense this song to be about. I am utterly in love with the chorus!

Snow Patrol sets fire once again | Reviewer: Simona | 11/30/06

Another brilliant song by Snow Patrol.Awesome job, guys!!The lyrics are just.....unbelievable!I love them and connect with them in every single way possible,they remind me of a person I recently lost in my life...

It's beautiful. | Reviewer: Florence Louise | 5/23/06

I first became aware of this song through a friend - the most pensive and perfect friend I could have. He has a penchant for beautiful sentiments... I first learned about James Blunt because his msn name was "You're beautiful, it's true, I saw your face in a crowded place, and I don't know what to do,'cos I'll never be with you". Think - if you'd never heard that vastly overplayed track, how beautiful that really sounds. Pardon the pun.

So when he signed into msn with "And miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground and I, I pray that something picks me up"... I had to know where it came from. Clearly, it was a song. And a song I wanted to hear.

I wasn't disappointed. The track begins with a few light piano chords, followed by a slightly repetitive first chorus. I didn't know that Martha Wainwright was also on this track, so I was surprised to hear her (not that I knew her voice). Gary from Snow Patrol has a voice which suits her implicitly, and by the time the song had reached the bridge before the chorus ("their words mostly noises...." etc), I realised that this was something truly special.

I realised instantly why he had chosen those lines for his name. The harmonies add to the chilling intensity, forcing you hold back your hand from the remote before clicking 'repeat' just to listen to the rest of the song.

The song reaches a strong climax towards the end, masterfully achieved since it is exactly the same harmony and the same tune. Martha Wainwright hits a top few notes towards the end in a light way, paralleled only by Sarah McLaghlan. I can think of no higher praise.

Ending rather bluntly when considering the strong finale.. It seems to work. You are left with a contrasting feeling of satisfaction and terrible emptiness at hearing such a beautiful song, but knowing that it's over.

Listen to this song - preferably buy it - I have no doubt that the chorus will be gracing the msn names of many a pensieve and perfect friend across the world, as well it should.

Florence x

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