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Performed by Snow Patrol

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Personal meaning | Reviewer: Sabah | 11/19/12

I personally think the meaning of this song applies to individual personal experiences. For me it was the heart breaking separation with my nephew. I felt more like a mother to him than an aunt, having raised him. And one day it was suddenly over. And although he is still in my life, and we have a very close nephew and aunty relationship, I feel as though I have lost a child. Not many people will ever understand that.

I first heard this song about a year after the separation, it was the first time I burst into tears and cried non stop that day. To this day this song only carries that one memory for me.

So I believe a song like this is open to interpretation based on once personal experience.

my interpretation | Reviewer: JoJo | 7/27/12

sounds to me like 2 people who want to be together but can't anymore for some reason- the long goodbyes. even though they bring the best out in each other. sounds like it's just truly her choice, but has to break up with him but will still be there for him in spirit. Don't you agree?

sylvia likens | Reviewer: dennis | 4/11/12

this must have been how the sisters(sylvia and jenny likens) felt neer the very end of sylvia's tragic torture/murder. please God bless us all but especially sylvia and jenny, so that they never endure any pain ever again,

Perfect adoption song | Reviewer: Val | 12/24/11

This song reminds me of a parent who has to make a difficult decision of letting his child go on a journey without him... Perhaps adoption, or Perhaps he is dying, or she has an opportunity somewhere he can not go,... He tells her to choose to shine, to light up and not fake happiness.... He tells her to live boldly so she can live for both of them and when she does, only he will understand why she lives the way she does, and that the source of her strength came from a parent who was strong enough to let the child go....

my thoughts | Reviewer: angelicXglitter | 1/2/11

i find this song heart piercing
what i think it simbolizes...
well i think a man loves a woman,(here we go again) and (yet again) she dies, he keeps hold of her in his heart, he finds her death his fault. he keeps saying how he misses her in other ways. she tells him to forget by telling him to light up even if he has no choice. he doesn't understand why she can't raise her voice and speak. she keeps saying,even if you cannot hear my voice, i'll be right beside you my dear. even though its all sung by men, i find that the story :D

Loved ones | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/10

My fiance is in the army and is currently fighting. I was listening to this song and I felt that this song really held a meaning for me. 'To think I might not see those eyes makes it so hard not to cry' I don't know whether my fiance will come back home safe and the thought that he might be hurt and taken away from me does make me cry. 'As we say our long goodbye' I had to say goodbye to him and it was really difficult. Also 'I'll be right beside you' is quite comforting because I know that whatever happens he will always be in my heart. So I think this song shows that people can lose their loved ones but you should never forget them and always hold them in your heart.

LeAnna | Reviewer: Sing | 10/31/10

LeAnna, even though you're probably gone now, no one has ever touched me the way you did. You are so brave and what you said was beautiful. You are remembered. I hope you still see your family from up there.

sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/10

i guess she sings about her boyfriend who's going to die... and she tries to be strong and not to cry, she's scared that she might never see into his eyes again... there are many clues which would fit to it...

When you wanna enjoy your sad mood,this is the one | Reviewer: Pravin Kumar Verma | 9/30/10

i am not sure i understand this song ,but i am glad that i know it & i love makes me dance like a yogi ,when the music starts about 2/3 of the song.
i associate this song with my education (i am not abnormal).i used to be a bad student,this is my 7th year in engineering (EC) & i never quit.i believe in somthing (my style of learning )which is not working well for me ........and i rise my voice against or to the people who do not believe in me .

okay... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/10

...Does it really matter people? Its a song for Christ's sake! Its whatever you want it to be and only the writer can know the true lyrics. Since he hasn't came out and said what they are, how about we just all calm down and interpret it how we WANT to interpret it and not sweat the small stuff. Seriously people. Its JUST A SONG!!!

I hate to say this, but yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/10

I think Billy Ray is right about the actual meaning of the song. However, I'd say it's more about wanting her to stop with him, but he has to put it down without her. And it seems as though he's singing about them living different lives than they do... being clean together. Sad no matter what, with or without the drug interpretation. Addiction sucks.

RUN from the CRACK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

Everyone has their own interpretation of the song, and yes, it will be subjected to their experience.
If that's how you'd like to interpret RUN... nothing wrong with it. But saying everyone else is wrong as well, no wonder you're stupid enough to go take crack.

RUN from the CRACK | Reviewer: Billy ray | 12/12/09

I find it almost moronic all the yuppie, student and retards explanation of the song...IF you open your eyes, you will understand the writers words.His missus was a junkie on crack cocaine (SNOW PATROL someone looking for COCAINE)) what a name for a band...He does NOT want to take CRACK anymore but will do it ONE more time for you as we LIGHT up light up.THE GUY smoked crack at a low point in his sad life and walked away from it.. WHY cant you IDIOTS...realise his fecking PAIN!!!! as I DID..

In Memory of my Father | Reviewer: kath | 11/28/09

The first time i heard this song was shortly after my Dad died...I really relate the lyrics to lost or lossing someone who you loved dearly and who was a strong figure in your life...and was no longer going to be there physically but would be with you spiritually..

I felt that he was saying these words to me esp in the first chorus....and

Yes "To think that i might not see those eye's again, makes it so hard not too cry and as we say our long goodbye, I nearly do"

This meant to me that he was going on a journey and that i wouldn't see his eye's look upon me again..... "Light up, Light up" brings a sense that there is hope and "As if you had a choice" meant remembering all the good things. And even though i wouldn't hear his voice again i would always remember it and that he would always be beside me in all that i do. "Louder, Louder" and "we will run for our lives" meant that we were both going on a journey, just his was on the other side and mine in the now.

The last chorus " Have heart my Dear, we're bound to be afraid" was like it was scary for both of us to continue our journeys separately but if we have heart we will be strong enough to get throu it. It would have been scary for him aswel...however, i found much comfort in the song as it has many positives which counteract the sadness that comes from it aswel.

I still love this song and it will always have a special place in my heart...its the best

1000 listens later | Reviewer: L. Heard | 11/7/09

I listened to this song a million times over the last few days and I have never cried so much. This song has a deeper meaning by far than those i have yet to read. I am dying of cancer. My husband and my children will be left without me. I believe Leona Lewis is to be portrayed as singing from her death bed and saying goodbye as she goes to heaven, light up so i can see you from heaven. yell louder so i can hear you, even if you cannot hear me, know i am here, and always will be. and we will get through this, even though I will not physically be present. I have been fighting ths battle for 3 years, I am 26, my kids are 6,3 and 18mnths, its not supposed to end like this, but what an inspirational song for my journey off this earth.

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