Reviews for An Olive Grove Facing The Sea Lyrics

Performed by Snow Patrol

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Pure gorgeous music.. | Reviewer: Rach | 12/26/09

This song evokes so many memories..Gary encapsulates so much in this.
It reminds me of lazy summer days spent curled up with my boyfriend beside the lake and how peaceful it was :) can't wait to see them again in June!!

An Olive Grove facing the sea | Reviewer: AOD | 12/9/07

This song is a wonderful song which see's Lightbody personify an addiction as a woman. He is forced to keep it secret and how it torments him inside.
In the second and final verse, Lightbody expresses how he is just lost in this world but wants to escape, but is too afraid to find the help. Again he shows how he is tormented by the final line.

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